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Djibouti Travel Insurance


Djibouti sits on the Horn of Africa, a meeting point of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. A small nation with a diverse landscape, it is a land of mostly dry climate, Red Sea beaches, and volcanic formations. Its geography ranges from northern mountains to western and southern plateaus or deserts. Mount Moussa is Djibouti’s highest peak while Lake Assal remains its lowest point. While it was earlier also known as French Somaliland, Djibouti became an independent nation in 1977. Djibouti shares its border with Somalia (south), Ethiopia (west and southwest), and Eritrea (north). Its capital is Djibouti City and Arabic and French are the official languages here.

Take a tour of Lake Assal which is not just Djibouti's but the African continent’s lowest point. Situated about 155 meters below sea level, Lake Assal is considered the saltiest water body of our planet. In fact, it is about 35 percent more saline as compared to the Dead Sea. Its surrounding salty flatland depicts magnificent desolation. Make sure you carry enough water as the climate becomes extremely hot at Lake Assal. Take some memorable diving experience near the islands of Moucha and Maskali. A short boat ride away from the Djibouti town, make sure you have a guide as the waters here are home to manta rays and sharks. Khor Ambado is an idyllic beach known for its white sandy stretches. It is also a popular snorkeling spot. The reef here is full of diverse marine life. Indian citizens can obtain tourist visas upon arrival for a maximum stay of 30 days. For further information, contact your nearest Embassy of Djibouti.

Without worrying about several possible risks of traveling abroad, you can have an even more memorable time here after getting travel insurance for Djibouti. Buy your Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Djibouti today!
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