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Equitorial Guinea Travel Insurance


Here is a magnificent Central African country that can take your breath away with its serene combination of snow-capped mountains, volcanic and lush green landscapes. The spectacular terrain is just one of the many things that attract tourists to this Sub-Saharan nation. Malabo is a popular tourist destination in Equatorial Guinea and also its capital that has some impressive Spanish colonial architecture and a number of refreshing plazas. While you are there do not miss on visiting the Pico Malabo volcano and the picturesque views it offers get etched in your mind for a lifetime. Among the various things that markets around Equatorial Guinea offer you, their handicraft is something you should shop for.

These are exquisite and make up for perfect souvenir options. Soak yourself on the white beaches of Equatorial Guinea during the day and in the local party spot in the night. If you like wildlife, visit any of the national parks like Monte Alen National Park, to spend a perfect day in the park’s tropical forests and watching a number of animals up close.

You need to obtain a visa before visiting Equatorial Guinea. If you are a citizen of the USA, you do not need a visa at all to enter Equatorial Guinea, just a passport that is valid for 6 months from the date of travel. To protect yourself from any financial hassles arising out of traveling abroad, buy a travel insurance for Equatorial Guinea. Now, you can even buy Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance online for your trip to Equatorial Guinea. Visit our website today for more information.

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