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Eritrea Travel Insurance


Eritrea is a beautiful country that lies in the region of Africa known as the horn of Africa and a growing tourist destination. It has places that are quite and perfect to spend your day relaxing among the locals while you lose yourself in impressive architecture as well spots that offer you vibrant nightlife and a number of experiences. Eritrea has something to offer everyone who visits it. Asmara, the capital of Eritrea is a popular destination spot because it is home to the remnants of the Italian architecture that once dominated its streets. It has a popular market which is known for its silver and gold jewelry.
Dedicate a few days of your vacation in Eritrea to the Dahlak Islands which is a group of more than 350 islands and an aquatic paradise, thanks to its pristine beaches and awe-inspiring corals. Pump up your adrenaline levels with all the adventure sports the islands have to offer you like scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, surf riding and many such beach recreation activities. The other places worth visiting include Massawa, Adulis, Kohaito, Gulf of Zula , Ham and Metera.

Tourists of all nationalities require obtaining a visa from the embassy before entering Eritrea. Please note that Eritrea is not one of the countries that take outstaying of visa lightly, so make sure you get your return tickets booked in advance to avoid any hassle. Buy a travel insurance for Eritrea to enjoy to the fullest without worrying about anything while you are in this foreign country.

Buy Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Eritrea as a backup plan in case of any unpredicted financial or logistic troubles. Visit our website to know more and buy it online.

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