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French Guiana Travel Insurance


With a finger on a map, if you are hoping to find this tiny country somewhere around France, you will have to move your finger way down—all the way to the South American continent. That’s right! French Guiana, a little land of immense biodiversity, is the only French-governed territory in the northwest part of South America, between Brazil and Suriname. Guyane—as the French like to call it—is a heaven for nature lovers. Among its main rainforests is the Trésor Nature Reserve, preserving an astoundingly rich wildlife here. The Kaw Nature Reserve, a thickly forested and swampy zone, is another place that offers a glimpse of the caiman and the dazzling scarlet ibis bird.

You will find most of the population in the main towns of Saint-Laurent, Kourou, and the capital Cayenne. Kourou, because of its proximity to the equator, houses the Centre Spatial Guyanais, the French space rocket launch facility. A visit to this space center and the Kourou Space Museum is a must. The many still unexplored territories of French Guyana are a unique mix of exotic cultures, from various traditional groups like the Hmong, Maroons, and Amerindians, to Diasporas from Africa, Martinique, and Asia. Don’t miss a chance to share in their traditional way of life. The carnival of French Guiana, a large-scale, vibrant event with parties, festivals, and street parades, spans several months.

To apply for a tourist visa, visit the nearest Embassy of French Guiana. Apart from its Embassy in New Delhi, there are consulates in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Pondicherry.

Besides, it is wise to get travel insurance for your French Guiana trip. Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for French Guiana shields you against numerous hassles related to baggage loss, passport loss and expenses related to medical emergencies.
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