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Gambia Travel Insurance


While the Republic of Gambia may be the smallest nation of the African continental land, its tourism is the fastest growing sector of the nation’s economy. The country gets its name from the River Gambia and shares its boundary with Senegal. Gambia is considered a tourist-friendly country not just because of its extensive and reliable network of tourist guides, but also the hospitality of its citizens because of which Gambia is known as ‘The Smiling Coast’.

Considered an ideal destination for bird lovers, Bijilo Forest Park is among its top natural reserves. Over 100 species of birds have been spotted here. Take a walk along its beautiful trails as you pass by lush forests, vegetation, and bushes. Its coastal side will give you a glimpse of a variety of birds, including wood dove, francolin, osprey, Caspian tern, gray hornbill, and bee-eater. Among a rich wildlife, you are likely to witness green vervet, red colobus and patas monkeys, and Monitor lizards. Take a leisurely cruise on the Gambia River, navigating gently through thick forests and mangrove lands, towards its wonderful estuary.

Gambia also draws many visitors for its beaches and culture. Many inland ecological lodges, resorts, and wildlife parks are easily accessible. You can opt for many types of excursions: river tours, land-based tours, coastal tours, and rural tours. A fertile land for agriculture, farming and fishing are Gambia's other main contributors besides tourism. Gambia's capital is Banjul and the official language is English. December to February is the peak of Gambian tourism.

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