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Ghana Travel Insurance


If you’re sipping a coffee in one of those popular café chains, it is quite likely that you’re taking in a bit of Ghana in that fresh whiff. After all, this African nation is the second-biggest cocoa beans producer. Situated on the western African ‘Bulge’ from the Gulf of Guinea, the Republic of Ghana shares its borders with Togo, Burkina Faso, and La Cote D'Ivoire. Thanks to a long political stability, Ghana enjoys rapid development and is considered a ‘Golden Child’ of the West Africa for being a greatly successful nation.

Ghana has access to the Atlantic Ocean on its southern end and thus becomes a destination for beach lovers. Get to the Labadi Beach in the capital city of Accra and you will find it crowded with locals partying and lazing around during weekends. You will feel a typically vibrant Ghana in the spicy food and thumping music of these locals. A tro-tro (minibus) will get you to this beach. The capital Accra is popular for shopping, nightlife, and the best of Ghana cuisine. The Kakum National Park harbors Ghana’s endangered elephants and monkeys. Make sure to use the canopy walkway, hanging 30m over the forest floor, for a great view.

Ghana's coastal forts are worth experiencing for their defining historical significance. Cape Coast Castle is the most popular spot. For those first-time travelers to Africa, Ghana is an ideal introduction to the continent with its lively cities, friendly locals, good beaches, vast hinterland, varied wildlife, and rich cultural diversity.

Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Ghana provides you with a vast number of covers, including health, trip hassles, personal (legal) liability, personal accident, and home insurance during your overseas stay. Visit Royal Sundaram’s website to purchase travel insurance for Ghana online!
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