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Gibraltar Travel Insurance


Located on the southern coast of Spain, Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory more famous as simply ‘The Rock’. It is a small peninsular region joined with Spain by an isthmus. Since ancient times when sailors first took to the sea, Gibraltar’s bay has been a naval shelter point. The region has always been considered a significant military outpost and gets its name from the Arabic words, Jabal ?ariq (Mount Tarik), in the memory of the Arab leader, ?ariq ibn Ziyad, who first conquered this peninsula in 711. Later, in the 18th century, Gibraltar became a British naval outpost. Its most iconic structure is the Rock of Gibraltar, a ridge made of shale and limestone that rises suddenly from the isthmus to 421 meters at its northernmost summit called the Rock Gun.

The highest point of the Rock of Gibraltar is at its southern end, at about 426 meters. Scale up the Rock of Gibraltar to get a breathtaking view of the African coastline and the city below. One can reach the top either on foot, taxis and buses or cable cars. It truly feels as if you are on top of Europe. You can find Barbary macaques, Europe’s only wild monkeys, roaming around the Rock. A path nearby will take you to the quiet St. Michael’s cave. Among other attractions include the Great Siege Tunnels, the Moorish Castle, Apes’ Den, exhibitions at the ‘City under Siege’, and Mediterranean Steps. The locals comfortably speak English, Spanish, and sometimes an interesting, lyrical mix of both.

Before you pack your bags and simply take off, hang on! Along with fixing tickets and accommodations, purchasing travel insurance for Gibraltar should be among your primary decisions. Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Gibraltar is designed to cover you in case of several unfortunate situations. You can get a quick Travel Insurance Quote on our website.
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