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Grenada Travel Insurance


There are many names for Grenada: ‘Beach Island’ for soft and sandy stretches; ‘Spice Island’ for an excess of nutmeg plantations; and ‘Fruit Island’ for abundant varieties growing in its green hills. Grenada is a tri-island state (the other two islands are Carriacou and Petite Martinique) and a Caribbean country, about 100 miles north of Venezuela. While the island country is rich in spices—bay leaves, cinnamon, vanilla, pepper, cloves, ginger, and saffron—the twin spices of nutmeg and mace dominate the air and land of Grenada.

If you are roaming north of St. George's, you will find yourself surrounded by nutmeg trees. And, near Gouyave's main street, large processing stations fill the air with the nutmeg’s smell. Take the tour of one of these processing stations to understand why nutmeg dominates Grenada. Grenada’s landscape will appeal to all visitors. It is home to world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park.

The thrill-seeking travelers can either opt to dive in the waters near Grand Anse Beach or go trekking across the rainforest of the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. Pingouin Beach is one of the most popular getaways for snorkeling or just lazing around. One can hear a fusion of reggae, parang, pop, and dancehall in several pockets of the island, adding to the idyllic charm of this island country. Plan a trip to Grenada in August to be a part of its main cultural festival, ‘Spicemas’. It is a carnival of surprising and vibrant expressions linked to the island’s rich heritage.
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Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Grenada promises an in-depth coverage while offering you a policy online without any documentation or medical tests. Although one may not be able to avoid certain unfortunate situations on an overseas holiday, having a travel insurance policy can significantly check further escalation of those potential, unknown risks.
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