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Guyana Travel Insurance


India, meet your cricket rival, Guyana! But, as much as this nation is known for its strong ties with the game of cricket (the locals mix their cricket with some cool calypso music), Guyana can also rival a number of scenic destinations of the world. Located on South America’s North Atlantic coast and earlier a British colony, Guyana seems culturally more Caribbean. Its name is an Amerindian word for ‘Land of Many Waters’. Guyana offers such dense and raw experience of nature that it is coming up as the continent's leading ecotourism spots.

Guyana is divided into four geographical zones: the hilly sand and clay area, the coastal plains, the highlands, and the interior savannahs. Travelers will find it difficult to cover all of its diverse offerings in one trip. Its landscape boasts of rainforests, mountains, open spaces, waterfalls, rivers, flora and fauna, and savannahs. Visit the Kaieteur Falls, the most majestic of all the waterfalls in Guyana, and watch as thousands of gallons of water drops down from a vast cliff surrounded by a dense forest. Most Guyanese reside along the coast and make their living by farming and fishing. Georgetown, the capital city, is an interesting blend of flora and fauna on one hand and a crumbling colonial town on the other hand. You will discover many remnants of its colonial past but the most magnificent is the St. George’s Cathedral, a Gothic-style structure that is arguably the tallest wooden building in the world.

With Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Guyana, you can be sure of a dedicated helpline support, a convenient way of purchasing the policy online, and flexible cover with suitable premium rates. If you are taking a single trip, travel insurance for Guyana will commence just as you board your overseas flight. Have a happy, carefree journey ahead!.
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