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Kiribati Travel Insurance


Pronounced as ‘Kiribas,’ Kiribati is part of Micronesia in the Central Pacific Ocean and a Commonwealth, independent republic nation. Formerly under colonial rule, it was called as the Gilbert Islands. Kiribati is composed of 33 islands, mostly coral atolls (islands that are ringed by coral reefs with central lagoons), except for the limestone island of Banaba, and is segregated into three groups: the Line Islands, the Phoenix Islands, and the Gilbert Islands. The Gilbert Islands is where you can find the majority of Kiribati’s population along with the capital, Tarawa, also an atoll. So what all can you experience in Kiribati? A lot, actually! Visit Kiritimati, the biggest atoll of this island nation (also among the biggest atolls of the world). Once a U.S. and British nuclear arms testing site in 1960s, Kiritimati is a safe sanctuary for seabirds of the Pacific. You can arrange a personalized tour to observe various birds’ species, and their breeding and nesting grounds.

Kiritimati has a long stretch of sand, and deep channels of soft and rough reef bottoms. The place turns into a surfing destination between October and March. The reefs of Kiribati are ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Move to the north of the capital Tarawa and you will discover popular beach points. Don’t forget to say 'mauri' (hello!) to local children as they joyously wave at you. Include the untouched Phoenix Island Marine Protected Area in your itinerary, too. You will discover marine life teeming in coral reef with strikingly blue lagoons. All you need to do is relax and enjoy in Kiribati’s slow living.

Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Kiribati is designed to offer extensive features, so that you can have a relaxed and happy holiday. Policies are available based on the frequency of your travel. Visit our website and get your travel insurance for Kiribati online in just 5 minutes!
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