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Latvia Travel Insurance


A mesmerizingly beautiful country, Latvia is situated between Estonia and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. With its grand structures and a culture that lovingly engulfs and overwhelms, this is a destination that is a must for all travel enthusiasts. Enjoy long walks along the woods of the country, and the rivers and lakes as you savor nature’s generosity. The Gauja National Park is a must-visit for all. Continue with Riga, the Latvian capital, which is the largest city in the Baltics. Sure to fascinate you with its grand concoction of various influences, coming from the countries that have occupied it in the past, this city also contains the Riga Art Nouveau Center that won it the World Heritage Site designation.

Another one of many amazing sites is the Karosta prison in Latvia, which was built in 1900 as an infirmary, and then converted into a military prison. You can be part of regular tours that take you through the entire history of this magnificent structure, relating in detail the stories of the soldiers kept here in confinement for disobedience. It also goes ahead and offers tourists the chance to be held imprisoned for a day and held subject to authentic prison treatment where you would be watched over and verbally abused by guards in period garb, amongst other things.

Latvia boasts of other places such as Cape Kolka, a placed that seems locked away in a time capsule, the Turaida Museum Reserve that stands within an imposing red-brick castle, and much more. Keep in mind that a Latvia tourist visa is required for you if you do not have a Schengen Visa.

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