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Lebanon Travel Insurance


Lebanon is a beautiful Middle Eastern country and a rapidly developing tourist destination. Its diverse patchwork of rugged Alpine peaks, Mediterranean coast, and snow-capped mountains make this a must-visit tourist destination. It has something to offer everyone who visits it and is probably the most vibrant and colorful destination in terms of tourist attractions. The country enjoys the magnificent historical sites that are left behind by ancient civilizations like Egyptians, Romans, Phoenicians and Greeks.

Lebanon has a number of must-see regions which are an exquisite blend of climate, culture and natural splendors. Visit Baalbek, the Roman treasure that towers above the Beqaa plain and represents the wealth and power of Imperial Rome. Local influence can also be seen in the layout and planning of the temples that vary from Roman to classic designs. Dedicate some time to Deir El Qamar, a scenic town with several well-preserved historical buildings. This place is well-known for its palaces that display the ancient Lebanese influence in architecture. In Deir El Qamar two main attractions are worth a visit; the castle Emir Melhem Shehab and the mosque named Emir Fakhr Eddine. The other places worth visiting include Anjar, Beirut, Beiteddine, Byblos, and Jounieh.

Citizens of 79 countries can obtain a visa for Lebanon on arrival. If you are a citizen of India you need to have a Lebanon tourist visa that you can obtain from Republic of Lebanon Visa Information in New Delhi.Do procure travel insurance for Lebanon to enjoy a trip to this destination to the fullest.

Buy Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Lebanon as a backup plan in case of any unpredicted financial or medical problems, as these policies offer a number of advantages.
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