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Micronesia Travel Insurance


Micronesia offers a sedate combination of historical monuments, stunning locales, and great cuisine. This is an offbeat tourism destination so you can be sure that popular attractions are not very crowded and remain relatively untouched. Beautiful landscapes and awe-inspiring water bodies are Micronesia’s assets.

The Chuuk Lagoon in Micronesia offers ample opportunities for relaxing by the shore. The Lagoon also presents various spots for diving where you can see exotic sea turtles and coral reefs. Next stop is Rock Islands, you can snorkel in the Jellyfish Lake there. You will find many intriguing creatures in this lake. You can also go kayaking from one small rock island to another. The beauty of Micronesia is that it has a lot of nature-related activities for tourists. You can go hiking to Nan Madol which is also a perfect place if you want to see the pure form of Micronesian culture and living. Spend some time interacting with the locals to know more about the place. Nan Madol is consists of several man made islands linked by water canals.

You need to apply for a visa to visit Micronesia before your departure to the island. You can get this with an application for a visa at the nearest embassy. Currently there is no Micronesian Embassy in India.

Now that you have decided to go to this magnificent destination for a calm and refreshing holiday, why carry travel related worries with you when you have Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Micronesia. Visit our website to know more and buy travel insurance for Micronesia.
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