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Monsterrat Travel Insurance


A British Overseas Territory in the West Indies, the island of Montserrat can be found about 50 km northwest of Guadeloupe. In 1995, this little island suffered a major destruction as a result of volcanic eruptions. The old town of Plymouth, the former capital of Montserrat, was destroyed, after which most of the political and official centers shifted to Brades. Even after experiencing cataclysmic natural events, this Caribbean island continues to display irresistible tropical charms. Visitors mostly arrive here to see its unique volcanic landscape.

Climb to the terrace of the Montserrat Volcano Observatory for a breathtaking view of the volcano. The resident scientists here constantly keep an eye for any volcanic activity. Visitors even get to watch a riveting documentary based on the volcano’s last eruptions and its disastrous consequences. Most travelers are stunned when they first see the Belham Valley. It offers a glimpse into the scale of volcanic destruction that the island of Montserrat had to suffer.

Though most of the valley remains covered with volcanic debris, one can cross this valley during the dry season to see the remains of Plymouth town. Jack Boy Hill is a popular site that offers contrasting views of volcanic expanse against flower-covered grounds. There is also a steep but beautiful nature trail nearby. Rendezvous Bay is home to serene, white stretches of sand. It is a perfect spot for swimming and adventure activities like kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling. For Indian citizens, Montserrat tourist visa is not required for visits up to 30 days.

Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Montserrat is a great way to minimize several unknown travel risks. With travel insurance for Montserrat, you can enjoy dedicated helpline support and flexi-covers with suitable premium rates.
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