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Nauru Travel Insurance


This island nation near Micronesia is located in southwestern Pacific Ocean. A place which once reaped enormous fortunes because of its huge phosphate deposits, Nauru has been suffering the consequences of an economic reversal since 2005. Nauru is closest to the Banaba Island, situated about 300 km east, in Kiribati. With no official capital, most of its administrative and political offices are present in the Yaren district. Despite the fact that Nauru is going through a tough economic phase, it was once also called as Pleasant Island.

Travelers will still love the pleasant surroundings of Nauru that include pristine coral reefs, clear blue Pacific waters, palm-shaded sandy beaches, and green-clad cliffs. Go for scuba diving or deep sea boat rides. Make sure to see Command Ridge, the highest point in Nauru.The island nation was under Japanese occupation in the Second World War, and they used Command Ridge as a watch point. Remnants of that era, such as rusted weapons and a bunker, can be still seen here. While strolling idly around the island, you will come across vast remains of Nauru’s phosphate mining industry. The ghostly mining infrastructure stands not just as a reminder of Nauru’s glory days, but also as a warning to each of us about the disastrous consequences of exploiting our limited natural resources. Catch a beautiful view of the island from the ruins of the Presidents' House. For Indian nationals, Nauru issues visas on arrival if the applicant has sufficient funds, travel documents, and a visa for the next destination.

Before booking tickets and accommodation, buying travel insurance for Nauru should be your first decision. Royal Sundaram’s travel insurance for Nauru is designed to cover you during numerous possible overseas risks. Log on to our website and receive a quick and free travel insurance quote.
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