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Romania Travel Insurance


A nation straight out of fantasy, Romania is steeped in fascinating tales and traditions. Those familiar with films, animation and literature will identify with this country at once, with two words popping into their heads immediately at its mention - Count Dracula.
Romania is a country that makes each tourist crave a second visit. i. The superstitions so rampant in many of its regions add an extremely exciting, mysterious aura to your entire trip, keeping you on your toes all the time for further discoveries. You will hear stories of ghosts and witches as well as famous Nosferatu, which have passed down various generations and still remain popular here. A region like Maramures is immersed in these traditional tales, with around 20% of its population still believing in witchcraft. The gothic wooden churches and gorgeous homes with ornately carved gates only add to the thrill.

Continue this fantastical journey with Bran Castle, occasionally also mistakenly referred to as ‘Dracula's Castle'. Built in 1382 by Saxons in defense against the Turks, it is one of the favorite attractions for tourists. Also, check out the city of Sibiu in Transylvania, with its beautiful former Council Tower. The Peles Castle is another breathtaking architectural marvel you shouldn’t miss. Many more sights await you in Romania.

The Embassy of Romania in India is at New Delhi. Make sure you apply for a visa well before you plan to commence your holiday.

Come and check out Royal Sundaram travel insurance for Romania today, to make your vacation perfect. Find affordable and comprehensive travel insurance for Romania, with many provisions such as overseas medical covers of up to US$ 150,000, made specifically to let you have the best time of your life while you stay prepared to deal with unforeseen incidents.
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