Slovakia Travel Insurance

Slovakia Travel Insurance

Here is a country that continues to remain proudly immersed in its folk culture and traditions, even in the modern day and age Its raw and rustic beauty is reflected in its extremely dense forest coverage which parts to give way to enchantingly dramatic fortresses and craggy mountains, casting a surreal atmosphere Slovakia emanates a raw, untouched beauty that originates in its wilderness.

A considerably small nation, it is nevertheless one of the most the most breathtaking. You realize this as you travel to the nation’s capital, Bratislava, and see the densely forested region of Small Carpathians, which is only the beginning of the imposing natural beauty that floods this country with its gorgeous mountains and vegetation. As you go deeper into the city, the narrow pedestrian streets of pastel-colored 18th-century buildings charm you. Remember to take note of the city castle, which has continued to cast its watchful gaze over the city since medieval times.

A major attraction of Slovakia is the Spiš Castle, which is known to have been builtn the 13th century; along with its vast complex of ruins above the town of Spišské Podhradie. As you explore this magnificent structure, you will be able to judge for yourself its claim to fame as be one of Europe’s largest castles.

Continue your journey to the High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry), which is the tallest range in the Carpathian Mountains. Brilliant snowfields, sparkling mountain lakes, roaring waterfalls along with thick forests and lovely alpine meadows make up this region. Having takenhad your fill of nature, go ahead and explore EU’s ‘2013's European Capital of Culture’, Košice.Don’t forget apply for a visa well before you plan to commence your holiday. A Schengen Visaholder does not need an additional special visa to visit Slovakia.

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