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Sweden Travel Insurance

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The land of Vikings, Sweden will make you feel as if you have stepped in to an old story tale. Few countries in the world can match its unbridled natural beauty. From a trek to the rampant wilderness to sailing across an archipelago, there are a bevy of things you can lose yourself in while visiting this postcard-perfect country. Those with an anthropological bend of mind should surely visit the northern part of the country, which is home to the indigenous Sami people, whereas those with a slight artistic streak should visit some of the many ancient rune stones that are found in parks all over the country. Some World Heritage Sites worth visiting include the Woodland Cemetery in southern Stockholm, Grimeton Radio Masts in Halland, and the Struve Meridian Arch in Norrbotten. Adventurous foodies might want to try some surströmming, a dish famous for being one the world’s most revolting food item, with a smell so foul, it is best eaten outdoors! Other conventional food items include traditional delicacies such as Blodpudding, Gravlax, and Falukorv, to name a few.

With the variety of travel insurance policies that Royal Sundaram has to offer, you can be completely relaxed as we provide perfect insurance that ensures you remain tension free while also properly covering you for your entire trip. Our detailed polices offer cover from a variety of inconveniences including baggage delay, loss of baggage, flight delays and loss of travel documents, as well as unfortunate incidences that would require medical expenses.
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