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4 Need-to-Know Travel Insurance Exclusions

19 October, 2016

Travelers often view insurance as an unfailing safety net that offers protection against any and all ills that may befall them while traveling. From lost luggage to medical emergencies, much is covered under such insurance policies, but there are certain limitations to the coverage.

While it's okay to be excited about the benefits of insurance, you need to be realistic and find out about the exclusions in your travel insurance plan. Most policyholders neglect to look at the exclusions and find themselves in trouble when their claims are rejected. When traveling, some situations that result in losses may be caused due to negligence and oversight on part of the traveler. Naturally, an insurance company would not be willing to pay for claims that result from such behavior.

Here are some of the common exclusions and exceptions to travel insurance:

1. Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Your insurance policy mostly covers healthcare expenses for accidents or medical issues that may arise while traveling. However, this does not extend to care for diseases that you may have before purchasing the policy. For this reason, any further medical complications arising due to such conditions are excluded.

Other healthcare exclusions include medical expenses resulting from psychiatric disorders or pregnancy-related complications.

2. Adventure Sports

Adventurous activities such as sky-diving and other forms of aviation (except as a fare-paying passenger) are classified as high-risk activities by insurance companies. As a result, injuries sustained during such sports and training sessions are not usually covered under your policy. Therefore, it is important to exercise extreme caution if you plan to indulge in any such activities.

3. Reckless Demeanor or Self-Injury

Your travel insurance does not cover healthcare expenses for injuries sustained on account of accidents caused by negligence on the part of the policyholder. These include injuries sustained under the influence of alcohol or drugs, accidents caused due to breaking traffic rules, and intentional self-injury or suicide.

4. Cancellations & Missed Departures

A reimbursement for cancellations is often a significant part of international travel insurance. You should keep in mind that such expenses may not be covered if you are unable to provide a concrete reason for cancelling your trip or missing a flight.

Be sure to go through the list of exclusions carefully when browsing for travel insurance plans online. With a reputed insurance provider like Royal Sundaram, you can choose between several types of policies, customizing them to suit your needs.