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4 Undeniable Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

29 September, 2016

The prospect of international travel does excite many, but very few are aware of the unknown risks associated with landing in foreign land. International journeys, be it a business trip or an overseas vacation does call for making arrangements. Purchasing tickets, packing baggage, and keeping travel-related documents is essential, and you need to make arrangements for the same. While you are busy immersed in the travelling spirit, have you spared some time to think about the unpredictable events that may arise during travel?


Travel-related issues may arise without warning, but to minimize the financial impact of such events, a travel insurance policy is recommended.  Here are four undeniable reasons to purchase  travel insurance online


  • Cancellation or Delay of Flights

Your flight, whether it is for departure or return, can get cancelled due to scorched weather conditions. At such times, you will have to stay at the airport and bear up the food and accommodation expenses.Only a travel insurance plan holds the potential to vouch for these extra spending.


  • Loss of Luggage

There are many incidents when people lose their baggage and are left without their belongings. If you are victimized by such loss, then your foreign stay will become difficult. Extra expenses for buying basic belongings, clothes and accessories get covered by a travel plan.


  • Medical Emergency

Whether you are in-flight or in an international hotel, medical emergencies can rise unexpectedly. Your current health plan will not cover international hospitalization. At such times, only a travel insurance policy helps in claiming for cashless treatment in overseas hospitals.


  • Loss of Passport

Your passport is the most important document that you carry with you while you are abroad. If it gets stolen or lost, it will be very costly to make a duplicate copy. A travel insurance policy will pay for this and hence is very important to have one, while going abroad.


These are the four unquestionable reasons that will surely compel you to buy a travel plan for your next journey.