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5 Reasons to Get Travel Insurance for Your Parents

23 December, 2015

We may all wish to travel and explore the world, but professional and personal commitments may not permit it. Not surprisingly, traveling is one of the most popular post-retirement plans for many people. It is very likely that your parents fit into this category as well.

While you may want your parents to make the best of their post-retirement years, certain travel risks may be more pronounced for elderly travelers. For this reason, if your parents plan to travel overseas or within the country, it would be prudent to consider these risks. Travel insurance is the most effective safeguard to ensure a hassle-free trip for your parents.

Finding a reliable travel insurance policy is one of the essentials when planning a vacation for your parents, for several reasons.

1. Potential Health Risks

Senior citizens are often more susceptible to health risks while traveling. When traveling to distant destinations they have to cope with changes in weather conditions, which can be quite stressful as you age. This could lead to unforeseen health complications, in which case travel insurance would be a blessing.

2. High Healthcare Costs

In most developed nations, the cost of healthcare is extremely high, especially as compared to India. In case of any medical emergency that arises while overseas, your parents would have to spend a fortune on medical care. International travel insurance can come to the rescue in such situations, providing coverage for emergency medical care

3. Loss of Luggage & Documents

Losing your luggage or important documents like a passport or visa while visiting an unfamiliar place can be distressing. However, with travel insurance your parents may claim reimbursements to acquire copies from the insurer.

4. Carefree Travel

Being covered under an insurance plan allows your parents to let go of their worries and enjoy their experience to the fullest.

So, apply for a travel insurance plan online at Royal Sundaram, and ensure a safe trip for your parents, with medical health cover of up to USD 150,000, including coverage for unforeseen accidents or any illness.