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5 Ways to Customize Your Travel Insurance

24 February, 2016

Travel often holds different meanings for different people. For some people, a vacation simply means sunbathing at a beach or relaxing at a resort. On the other hand, for some, traveling implies embarking on an adventure filled with thrilling activities or exploration.

So, when ideas of travel differ so much for each person, why should the travel insurance be the same for everyone? As you browse for travel insurance plan online, look for a company that allows you to customize your policy as per your preferences.

Here are a few things to consider if you wish to customize your insurance policy:

1. Frequency of Travel

For most Indians, an overseas vacation is limited to once a year. A Single Trip insurance plan, covering the period of the trip is best suited for such travelers. On the other hand, a few individuals may need to travel more frequently, either for leisure or for business trips. In such cases, it is best to opt for a Multi Trip insurance policy that covers a period of 365 days. You can undertake multiple trips during this period, with any one trip not exceeding 30 or 45 days & total number of travelled days not exceeding 180 days in a year.



2. Health Cover

Health cover is one of the most important aspects of international travel insurance. If you are traveling to a destination with very low health risks however, you may not need very high health cover. On the other hand, while visiting a country with known health hazards a higher cover is recommended.





3. Activities

Consider your itinerary while customizing your policy. If you plan on staying indoors, you don’t really need high cover. If you are going to be out exploring however, there is higher risk of accidents, so it makes sense to opt for higher cover.




With Royal Sundaram's flexible international travel insurance, including excellent coverage for single-trip as well as multi-trip travel, you can customize your policy to suit your travel plans.





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