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Are you a Business Traveler? Here's why you must have travel insurance

07 November, 2018

Many entrepreneurs & employees have to visit different countries for business trips each year. In fact, people traveling for business purposes are at higher risk of falling ill or getting injured during a trip abroad. Thus, it is significant to have a travel insurance policy as it offers medical assistance as well as travel-related risk cover to the insured. Travel insurance would help you to tackle all the medical and travel contingencies while traveling abroad. Therefore, it is important to add the best travel insurance to your checklist while you plan your business trip.


So, if you are a frequent business traveler, then here’re the following reasons that show why it is a must to have a travel insurance policy –



  • Cancellations and flight delays: For business travelers, time is everything. Thus, a flight delay or cancellation can cause a lot of inconvenience as well as financial loss. If you miss your flight because of bad weather conditions, your travel insurance would come to your rescue by reimbursing incurred expenses up to specified limit.  In case of flight cancellations, the airlines could book you on to the next suitable flight or give you a refund, meanwhile your travel insurance can cover you for extra things like hotel or car hire, if you are forced to sit for long hours due to flight cancellation.

  • Loss or delay of checked-in baggage: Suppose you have a very important meeting with an international client abroad. But, what when you arrive and see your luggage is flown to some other destination? You’ve got nothing to wear and you can’t get hold of the materials that you have prepared for the presentation. What will you do? Therefore, it’s good to have a travel insurance as it covers you against the loss or damage of checked-in baggage to a specified limit based on the plan chosen.

  • Medical expenses: Traveling alone for business purpose means crossing all kinds of climates, time zones, and risk locations. Even your health care plan may not cover you abroad, therefore, you must opt for a travel insurance as it covers you against emergency medical expenses during travel.



Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company offers tailor-made annual plan for frequent business travelers who undertake multiple trips in a year. So, buy a travel insurance plan now and leave behind all your worries so as to enjoy every single minute of your trip. Have a happy globetrotting.