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Common Travel Insurance Questions and Misconceptions Answered

02 June, 2017

Traveling is an important event in everybody’s life. No matter how much we love to travel, we should not underestimate the risks it entails. To travel carefree, you should always consider adding a travel insurance to it. Travel insurance covers almost every facet of your trip. Though being an indispensable part of your travel, people often have so many questions about it.  Here are the following queries that people generally have about travel insurance:



Why do we need travel insurance?

While traveling, you don’t want anything to ruin your hard-earned holidays, crucial business meetings or your overall trip experience. But, there may be a possibility that some unexpected events, such as a medical emergency, baggage loss, accident loss or passport loss can affect you. Thus, a travel insurance protects you from all such perils.


Is travel insurance similar to health insurance?

No, travel insurance is much more than that. It not only includes medical treatment for certain accidental injuries or a sudden illness, but it also covers trip termination or delay, expenses due to hotel accommodation, air ambulance (if required due to medical emergency), in-between transportation, etc.


Will I get treated for an illness I already have?

Well, most of the travel insurance policies do not cover pre-existing medical conditions. But, yes, travel insurance covers sickness while travelling. If you need medication for an on-going disease or a pre-existing medical condition before you purchase the policy, then there might be a possibility you go out of luck.


Are there any circumstances when travel insurance claim may be denied?

Yes, there are a few circumstances in which case travel insurance is not provided. In case of a pre-existing illness, pregnancy and related treatment, traveling against the advice of a doctor, treatment of a mental disorder and treatment which can be delayed till the insured returns to India. Besides, this policy is unable to cover your home in India, if it remains unoccupied for a period of 90 consecutive days.