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Five Cities in the World with Brilliant Beaches

31 July, 2014

Warm summer does call for a trip to a cool, pleasant place. Having said this, the first place that will surely come across your mind is a beach. Beaches are those few heavenly places on the Earth that are well-known for their composure and calm.

A day at a beach is perfect enough to relax your mind and body with the freshness of serene breeze, cool sea waters, and delicious tropical delicacies. However, most beaches are situated around small towns and villages, and do not have access to convenient urban life.  So if you are planning to track down a few brilliant beaches that have a touch of urban hustle, we have compiled a list of five that .

  • Tel Aviv
    Mediterranean beaches are well-known for their sunsets and parties and few are as popular in this aspect as Tel Aviv. This irresistible beach packs together the freshness of seas and tropics with the fun of city culture. You can spend your day soaking up the warm sun and your nights dancing to the tunes of live Mediterranean music. In fact, Tel Aviv has consistently been ranked in the top ten beach cities in the world.

  • Miami
    This popular US city is not just well-known for its skyscrapers and night-life, but also for its exotic beaches. The Art Deco District in South Beach is reputed as one of the most glamorous in the world for its nightclubs, beaches, historical buildings, and shopping. Apart from soaking yourself in the calm blue waters of the sea, you can also delight your taste buds with delectable sea foods served at numerous beach cafes here.

  • Barcelona
    Apart from delicious sausages, cheese and wine, Spain is also known for some of the finest beaches like those of Barcelona. This enchanting place is surrounded by cafeterias, hotels and restaurants on one side and an entrancing horizon on the other. Frequent by tons of tourists in summer, it is highly recommend that one apply for travel insurance to ensure safety of belongings.

  • Venice
    This majestic place is a sanctum of body builders and tattoo fans who love to soak the sun in their spare time. Apart from the alluring beaches, calming sea-breeze and golden sun-shine, you will come across several green lawns, galleries, cafes, and surf shops that should definitely make your stay exciting and memorable.

  • Sydney
    Sydney is world renowned mainly for two places-the Opera House and Bondi Beach. With magnificent view of blue waters, playful dolphins, and sporty surfers, this beach surely promises some great photo moments. This world-class surfing destination is ideal for an adrenaline pack stay at the beach.