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Five Reasons to Purchase Travel Insurance Policy

13 February, 2017

Many people do not find it necessary to purchase a travel insurance. They either believe that it is an overhead or they believe in their previous travel experiences which were free of any hurdle. However, luck may not always favour a person.


In the present day, travelling overseas without a travel insurance simply means being ignorant or rather impractical. So whether you are going on a business trip or a holiday, having a travel insurance is extremely important because of the number of problems that may arise during the journey.


Here are the top five reasons why you should purchase a travel insurance plan:


Flight Delay


  • This is one of the most common occurrences while travelling abroad.
  • Sometimes there is air traffic or the plan runs out of fuel and has to land at a nearby airport for refuelling, or there may be a problem with the flight engine, there are many reasons due to which flight delays may take place.
  • In this case, if you own a travel insurance, the company provides for the losses that you would have to bear owing to the flight delay. This may include travelling, eating, purchase of toiletries, or any other expense that is incurred for the time period that you have to be at the airport.


Loss of Baggage


  • What if you keep waiting at the conveyor belt and don’t receive your luggage? Well, many passengers have experienced this at several destinations in the world such as during transit or simply after reaching the airport.
  • Imagine that you may be carrying precious metals, beautiful clothes, and magnificent souvenirs from a place and all of that is just lost on your way.
  • With a travel insurance, you mention the estimated value of the things in your bag and receive insurance for the same in case your baggage gets lost. While it isn’t possible for you to recover the valuables again, the least you can financial reimbursement for the lost items.


Medical Emergency


  • The likelihood of falling ill is maximum when you travel from one country to another because there is a change in everything, be it the food or the climate. For example, you end up falling severely ill due to high fever, or a particular disease that prevails in that area, or simply due to food poisoning or experimenting a dish. While falling ill is stressful, what adds to it are the medical expenses that are certainly not affordable. If you are in one of the European countries and tend to fall sick there, the cost of any kind of treatment is very high in comparison to what it is in India. Therefore, a travel insurance covers for medical emergency and saves you from spending a fortune overseas.




  • Climate changes when travelling from one country to another, and the change may be extreme.
  • There are a number of occasions when everyone travels to catch up with their friends and family members to cities such as New York or Vancouver for Christmas or New Year.
  • If you are travelling there in December, there are all the possibilities of heavy snow which may lead to waiting at the airport for a long number of hours.
  • With a travel insurance, you can reimburse the expenses incurred by you during such extended wait periods.


Loss of passport


  • The chances of losing your passport are pretty strong in a foreign land. What if you leave your passport somewhere and after reaching the airport realise that it is no longer there? You are just left stranded without any solution.
  • At such a point in time, it is the travel insurance coverage that can help you with the entire process of getting a copy of your passport or a new one.
  • The expenses one has to bear on losing a passport are definitely not cheap and therefore, it does make sense to have a travel insurance plan in your name.
  • Choose wisely from the insurance providers available in the market. There are many types of insurance policies as per your requirement such as Student travel insurance, Family travel insurance, Single trip travel insurance, Multi-trip travel insurance and many others.
  • One of the popularly followed travel insurance tips is to buy it online, since it is affordable, hassle-free and requires minimum documents.