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Five Safest Places for Women to Travel

30 July, 2014

Every once in a while, everyone needs a vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, travelling to a foreign destination for a woman can sometimes be intimidating, even dangerous. We keep reading about numerous incidents where female tourists are particularly targeted in crimes like theft, kidnapping, and sexual assault. To one end, the risk of thefts in foreign destinations can be avoided with travel insurance, but what about the safety?

Given below is a list of travel destinations that are ideal for women travellers who wish to explore places by themselves. These destinations will allow you can let your hair down, relax and enjoy the bliss and comfort of these mesmerising yet safe places.

  • New Zealand
    If you love to enjoy the bliss of white beaches and unperturbed waters, then a trip to New Zealand is something you should consider. From sightseeing to surfing to tasting some tasty dishes, this island country is packed with lots of adventure and charm that will enchant your mind with an experience of lifetime. In addition, the locals are very friendly and cooperative, making this an obvious destination for women and first-time travellers alike.

  • Ottawa, Canada
    Canada may be a chilly country, but its people do have warm hearts. The best place to experience this warmth is at Ottawa, its capital. The ByWard Market here is a heaven for shoppers and sees over 50,000 visitors every week. You can shop from artisan breads to cheese to handmade clothing and jewellery here at a very reasonable price.

  • Cyprus
    Beach lovers who are planning to get away from the rush of busy city life, should definitely visit this calming place. Surrounded by orthodox churches and pristine beaches, this scantily-populated Amish Eurasian destination is ideal for people who want to immerse themselves in laid-back beach lifestyle, while maintaining a feeling of security.

  • Switzerland
    If you are planning a heart-touching spring break, then head over to Switzerland. This opulent country truly stands for the finest things in life. Apart from the famed Alps, lip-smacking chocolates, and scenic grasslands, this place is highly popular for amazing hotels that make your stay worthwhile. Add to that one of the lowest crime rates in the world, this destination is a no-brainer when it comes to safety.

  • Dubai
    With stable economy, strict social policies, and high-tech security system, this man-made oasis city has attracted the attention of lot of tourists. This place holds up the reputation of Middle East for trade and gives sanctuary to the largest mall in the world. From shopping to adventure, this city promises it all.