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How to Extend Travel Insurance?

11 March, 2020

Since the beginning of time, human beings have always been innate wanderers. We are internally wired to explore our world and revel in the joy and wonder of seeing new places and sights. This aspect of our personality has always been passed down to successive generations. Today, we find ourselves investing a considerable amount of money to travel to places we’ve never been to before.


The need for travel insurance

Now, although travel insurance is probably the last thing to pop up into your mind while planning a trip, you should know that the varied benefits of a travel insurance policy are important for your well-being, as well as your uninterrupted enjoyment. After all, you do not want any anxious moments when you are out travelling and having fun.


Without travel insurance, you are susceptible to financial burdens that can be avoided easily. Every traveller can be faced with an emergency which demands them to spend extra money. Without travel insurance, you have to spend this money from your own pocket, which can end up costlier than expected. This is why you should always have a travel insurance policy.


The pressing question is that even if you do have a travel insurance policy, what happens when it expires? The simple answer is that you need to apply for an extension. With Royal Sundaram, you can extend your travel insurance within no time.


Why would I need to extend my travel insurance?

Typically, you would take an insurance policy only for the time you intend to travel. However, extenuating circumstances might force you to extend your trip. You might want an extension due to personal reasons. On the other hand, there might be an emergency that requires an extension too. In either case, it makes sense to ensure that you don’t have to bear the costs of any unforeseen mishaps such as flight cancellations, the loss of baggage or travel documents, an unforeseen medical situation and other likely scenarios. Extending your travel insurance in such cases means that you can breathe a sigh of relief without having to worry about any financial implications that might come your way.


Things needed to extend your travel insurance

To extend your travel insurance, firstly, you need a valid travel insurance policy that has been bought before the commencement of your journey. If you reach your destination without a travel insurance policy, you cannot buy it overseas. If you require an extension because of flight cancellation, you need an official document from the airline stating the date and cause of cancellation. For any medical reasons that might crop up, you might have to provide a medical certificate.


How do I extend my travel insurance policy?

To extend your travel insurance policy with Royal Sundaram, all you need to do is give us a call on our 24/7 helpline number or send us an online request describing your situation and the reason for your extension. You might need to provide some other information such as your existing policy details and current medical conditions if any. After providing these details, you have to pay an additional premium for the extended period of insurance coverage. You can make an online payment through credit card, debit card or online banking. Once your premium payment is processed, you will receive an endorsement of the extension of your policy via email.


Other things you should know about travel insurance extension


Here are some other points you need to keep in mind when extending your travel insurance:


  • Although the rules for travel insurance extension differ for various insurance providers, it is always a good idea to start the extension process at least a week to ten days before your existing policy expires. With Royal Sundaram, all you need to do is inform us that you need an extension and we will take care of everything from that point.
  • The extension period can vary with different insurers. However, in most cases, you can extend your travel insurance up to a period of one to two weeks. You do have to pay an extra premium for this time period. Payments can be made through online banking.
  • Typically, your existing insurance policy is extendable up to a period of 180 days, following which extensions will not be entertained.


Ultimately, it is always advisable to extend your travel insurance when there is a need that is beyond your control. In most cases, your insurance company will grant the extension without any hassles provided you have a valid reason. Royal Sundaram travel insurance provides comprehensive cover that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our varied travel insurance packages offer unique features and benefits that meet any kind of travel and budget needs. We provide coverage for many kinds of unforeseen circumstances, including medical as well as non-medical emergencies. For more information, please click Travel Insurance Policy Plan.