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Key Covers Offered by Travel Insurance Policy

17 June, 2015

For those who insure their international journeys with travel insurance, you will often hear them saying, “It doesn’t matter if we lose our luggage or miss a flight; we got a travel plan to pay for it.” However, for those who do not insure their travel, they surely have to bear the brunt of financial losses incurred due to cancellation of flights, delays, luggage theft, or any other unfortunate incident happening during the journey.
Travel insurance is a financial safeguard sold by general insurers such as Royal Sundaram to international flyers and overseas vacationers. The policy is a legal contract binding the insured and insurer, wherein the insured receives suitable financial reimbursement in case of occurrence of afore-mentioned unfortunate incidents. For this cover, the insured has to pay a particular premium to the insurance company.
Royal Sundaram provides travel insurance plan to infants above 90 days and adults up to the age of 70 years. Here are the key covers to look for in a travel insurance plan:
Health Cover:
This policy should offer basic health cover to meet the unexpected expenses incurred due to emergency medical procedures such as surgeries, diagnostic tests, essential dental treatments, and medical aid by physicians. Moreover, it should cover the cost of accidental hospitalization and emergency transportation cost from a foreign country to India.
Trip Inconvenience Cover:
Under this cover you will get reimbursement for loss of checked-in baggage or delay in its availability. It will covers expenses incurred due to emergency purchase of essential clothes, toiletries, or medications. Moreover, it will also cover loss of documents, compensating the charges incurred owing to duplicate issue of Visa and Passport. 
Personal Liability:
Certain travel insurance plans extend personal liability cover in case you become a legal liability to third-party by causing injury to life, or damage to property.
Personal Accident Cover:
In case an unfortunate event, such as accident causes death or permanent disability, then this cover will recompense substantial amount.
Home Insurance:
When you are travelling abroad, the travel insurance plan will safeguard your home against losses such as theft, fire accidents, burglary, and house-breaking.
Repatriation of Remains and Auto Extension:
In case the insured passes away overseas, then the insurance company will pay suitable compensation for transportation of his mortal remains to his family or loved ones back in India.