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Quick Tips to Get the Best Deals on Travel Insurance

09 November, 2016

Overseas travels are often associated with vacation, business trips, or a stay at relative or friend’s place. Most of us are excited to travel to the foreign land, and experience new things. However, in our spree of excitement, we may often forget about safeguarding ourselves from the tragedies that may strike during travel.


Loss of luggage, flight cancellation and delays, early evacuation, and medical emergencies are some of the travel woes that any international traveller may face. To minimize the financial impact of such distresses, a travel insurance policy is recommended.


Travellers are often confused about which policy to pick, how much to insure, how long to insure, and the number of covers to avail, and the premium amount. To help you choose the best travel insurance plan that offers the right balance of pricing and cover, we have shared a few tips:


  • Decide the amount of cover

Just because you are able to get a policy at an attractive rate, it does not mean that the policy will offer you the best cover. The extent of cover required,varies according to the region you travel to.

For instance: In developed countries like USA, UK, the cost of hospitalization and medical care are steep, therefore an insurance policy accounting for higher cover is required.


  • Decide the covers

Different policies, different covers. Royal Sundaram Travel insurance policy offers several covers that include trip cancellation, delay, medical emergency, while offering quick policy without documentation. Check the covers offered by different insurers, before you narrow down on a policy.


  • Plan the duration of cover

Travellers are often not aware of this clause and generally end up buying a plan with a cover that is longer than their journey. As a result, they end up paying more than required. To reduce the amount of premium payable, it is advisable to review the duration of cover.


  • Compare, Compare, Compare

Most insurers sell travel insurance policies online, thus making purchase easier. However, if you are planning to grab the best deal on your insurance plan, then it is recommended to compare the quotes online.