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Risks of Traveling Abroad Uninsured

12 January, 2016

Traveling to an international destination, whether on business or leisure, is always a cause for much excitement. Overseas travelers are often advised to get an insurance policy to cover various risks. Despite this, a large number of people prefer to travel uninsured, unless insurance is mandatory.

This can be attributed to the common belief that the stated risks are not as serious as they are made out to be. In fact, many travelers believe that travel insurance is an unnecessary luxury. However, a look at the many problems that international travelers have faced due to a lack of insurance proves its importance.

Here are a few reasons why visiting an overseas destination without international travel insurance could be a grave mistake.

• Expensive Overseas Healthcare

One cannot eliminate the possibility of medical emergencies when overseas. In most popular international destinations, however, healthcare facilities cost much more than they do in India. Without insurance, you would have to shell out large amounts from your pocket on hospitalization and medical bills.

• Accidents and Injuries

Whether you’re trekking through the Scottish Highlands or exploring the Amazon, a holiday with adventure and excitement is also fraught with risks that make you susceptible to injuries. Some of these accidents can also be fatal or may cause permanent disabilities. Along with the physical and emotional stress, the lack of insurance also causes severe strain on your financial resources.

• Personal Legal Liability

It is quite possible, especially while traveling to popular international destinations that you may unintentionally cause physical harm to a third party. Therefore, as a legal liability, you may have to pay a large amount of money as compensation, which would otherwise be covered under your travel insurance policy.

• Loss of Documents

It is very important to have important documents like your passport and visa, secure when visiting another country. The loss of such documents can result in significant discomfort, as acquiring copies can be difficult and expensive in the absence of insurance.

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