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Studying abroad: Buy a Student Travel Insurance Plan Over Regular One

30 January, 2020

Studying abroad: Buy a Student Travel Insurance Plan Over Regular One

If you are planning to go abroad for education, you might have certain things in your mind. Among all other factors to consider, the travel and staying expenses abroad is one thing that takes a toll on our planning. But things can get easier if you buy a student travel insurance plan over the regular one. Let’s explore the different perks of buying an insurance plan for student travel:


What is a student travel plan?

International travel insurance for students ensures that your financial condition stays in an optimum condition while you study and live abroad. Various plans come with different features, and one can opt for a proposal that offers the best service suiting your needs. Student travel insurance has become a necessity nowadays. Many universities prefer students having insurance coverage and provide relaxation in domestic health insurance if you have student travel insurance.

The USA has made it mandatory for students travelling to the country for higher education to have a valid Student Travel Insurance during the whole course of their stay. Similarly, the Schengen group of countries has also made Schengen Travel Insurance compulsory for students applying for admissions to the colleges of Schengen countries.



Many companies provide different plans that might appeal to diverse individuals. While each option is different, they do have some common inclusions. Some standard ones are listed below:

  1. Emergency medical and dental expenses: Cashless medical treatment in case of emergency or hospitalization.
  2. Accidental death: The nominee gets lump sum death benefit in case of policyholder’s accidental demise.
  3. Permanent disablement: Compensation is provided in case of extreme illness or an accident causing permanent disability.
  4. Loss of baggage: You get compensation for the lost luggage during travel.
  5. Liability support: You get compensated if you are trapped in a legal situation such as third-party damage.
  6. Study continuation: Your get a refund of money if you plan to discontinue your study due to any sudden mishap.
  7. Lost Passport compensation
  8. Family visit: The plan will cover the expenses of any immediate family visiting you abroad.


How is it better than a regular plan?

A regular cover is a type of travel insurance that assures only a sum if the passenger faces any sort of financial or medical emergency. Going beyond these features, the student travel plan is focused on easing out the travel of students while going abroad. The plan supports and covers medical and financial expenses but comes with additional features.

The reason why it is wiser to go for the student travel plan is that when you are going abroad, you might feel a shortage of emergency support. While assistance is not required when you travel in an organized manner, things might turn upside down soon if you face any adverse situation. For instance, if you misplace your passport or your luggage is lost or misplaced. This is where student travel insurance comes handy.

Ranging from lost baggage to emergency medical assistance, from study continuation benefit to maternity benefits for female students, the student travel insurance plan has many more cornerstones to be preferred.



There was a time when going abroad was a tough nut to crack by most of the youngsters. Such is not the case now. With various student travel plan options available, one can easily plan a safe journey and stay abroad. Making educational dreams come true, student travel insurance work as a beacon of hope for aspirants who wish to learn and achieve something ground-breaking in life.