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Ultimate Tips to Buy Travel Insurance Policy

17 March, 2015

The sound of International travels instantly brings immense joy and excitement, yet little do we know that they are not without any risks and hazards. To deal with such eventualities and enjoy your international stay to its fullest, a travel insurance policy is recommended.

Availing a travel insurance policy is vital for your international travels. However, picking an appropriate plan becomes difficult owing to a dizzying variety of options available in the market. To avail the best insurance plan available in the market, here are the ultimate tips that you should refer to:
1) Look for something beyond premium
Premium should not be the only comparison factor to be considered for choosing a travel insurance policy. Though price plays an important role in choosing the policy, factors such as additional covers, benefits, and exclusions should also be taken into consideration.
2) Book the Policy just before travelling
To save money on travel insurance, you should always purchase the policy just before the date of your itinerary. Similarly, insure yourself only for the duration of the journey. However, if you are travel frequently, then opt for an annual plan.

3) Check the covers available
Generally, covers offered by most travel insurance policies are nearly similar. Royal Sundaram Travel insurance plan offers extensive health cover as well as trip inconvenience cover.

4) Look for Discounts
Discounts are an ideal way to seek reduction in the insurance premium paid. As a result, search for discounts and fee waivers that will help you avail better coverage at a lower price.

5) Get acquainted with Claim Procedure
A lot of people fail to see this, but the knowledge of how to file a claim is as important aschoosing the insurance cover. At times, filing a claim becomes difficult even though the insurer offers substantial cover. As a result, it is necessary to review and understand the claim procedure.

6) Check the Reviews before Buying
Reviews will inform you about the claim and the amount reimbursed by insurance policy. Compare the reviews of different insurers before shortlisting a policy.