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Useful Tips to Reduce Travel Insurance Costs

15 February, 2016

The prospect of visiting another country, be it for tourism or business, is always exciting. But a trip to an overseas destination can also be quite heavy on your pocket. From the flight tickets to food and accommodation, everything seems expensive, especially if you’re visiting a popular holiday destination.

With budgets stretched thin, travelers may often avoid travel insurance as it only adds to the cost. However, traveling uninsured has its own risks, and can turn out to be a lot more expensive. Instead, find ways to cut costs, while buying a policy best suited to your needs.

Here's how you can save money on your international travel insurance:

• Choose a Flexible Policy

Be sure to opt for a policy that allows you to customize your plan as per your needs. With such a flexible policy, you can modify the extent of coverage to suit your travel plans.

• Compare Costs

As with any other commodity or service, it is unwise to purchase a travel insurance policy without comparing it with other policies. With much information available online, you can compare not just the pricing but also the benefits offered by several policies. You can then choose the most cost-effective insurance plan.

• Assess the Risks

While purchasing insurance, be sure to assess the magnitude of health and safety risks for the destination. If it is considered to be a largely safe destination by most visitors, you may not require high healthcare cover.

• Avoid Hasty Purchases

Often, while booking flights for overseas destinations, you may be directed towards international travel insurance sites. Although the process is quick, buying with haste may turn out to be quite costly as you may remain unaware of some details.

Keeping these tips in mind, buy Royal Sundaram’s flexible travel insurance plan online. With easy options for customization, you can get the best value for money, while maximizing your protection while overseas.