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Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

23 September, 2015

As the holidays approach, most of us pack our bags and head of for vacations with family and friends. Others gear up and make plans to travel for further education or on business trips. A few, on the other hand, truly live off suitcases and backpacks, exploring the world. In a nutshell, travel is indeed an inseparable part of our lives.

As you step out, seeking new experiences, there are a few unpleasant surprises that may await you on your vacation – so be prepared! Don’t let circumstances get the better of you and ruin what could otherwise be a pleasant trip. Whether you are a seasoned explorer or starting anew, a business traveler or holidaying with family, here’s why you need travel insurance.

• Medical Risks and Emergencies

While exploring a new place or city, you may often encounter different climatic conditions that make you susceptible to disease or accidents. Overseas healthcare is often very expensive and may burn a huge hole in your pocket. However, with a travel insurance policy you can easily cover these expenses.

• Theft or Loss of Possessions

At some destinations, the risk of your valuables and documents being stolen is quite high. On other occasions, you may even lose your luggage at an airport. This is certainly an unpleasant experience that may end up ruining your trip. In such situations, an insurance policy allows you to claim reimbursement on the lost possessions.

• Peace of Mind

When on a vacation, you should be able to enjoy your stay, without having to constantly worry about any risks. Having international travel insurance allows you to relax and enjoy your holiday without any worry.

So, before you set out, buy your travel insurance plan online from Royal Sundaram, and enjoy a stress free trip. The swift online process allows you to get your policy within 5 minutes, along with a hassle-free ISO certified claims process.