Travel Coverages (Know More)

The coverage provided by Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

1. Health Cover

Good health is extremely important, especially while traveling in a foreign country. But there is nothing to worry because Royal Sundaram covers your complete health expenses if any, on the trip. The plan includes:

  • Overseas Medical Covers of up to US$ 150,000.
  • Security against unexpected emergency surgeries, diagnostic tests (such as X-Ray, blood tests, scans) and medical aid prescribed by the attending physician
  • Covers emergencies and essential dental treatments
  • Bears the cost of transportation during medical emergencies

2. Inconvenience caused during the trip

If you are a frequent traveller, then you must be well aware of the possibilities of delays, loss of luggage, etc. In order to combat these situations, Royal Sundaram’s Travel Insurance has solutions that allow you to travel worry-free. Here’s what it includes:

  • Total coverage for loss of checked-in baggage
  • Coverage for delays of checked-in baggage which includes reimbursement for emergency purchase of clothing and toiletries, up to a certain limit  
  • Coverage for loss of travel documents  which includes reimbursements and reissuing duplicate documents
  • You can also avail hijack distress allowance under this scheme

3. Home Insurance

This package provides a unique coverage for your home/residence in India, up to Rs. 2 Lakh. It is essential in case of house breaks, fire related incidents, theft, etc. while you are on a trip abroad. Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance is one of the very few insurers to cover Home Insurance in India. This helps you travel worry-free and with complete peace of mind.


4. Automatic Extension

You can avail the facility of automatic extension, where your insurance period is extended by another 7 days before the eventual expiration date. This is useful especially during times when there is an unexpected delay that cannot be avoided.


5. Personal Liability

Royal Sundaram will provide a cover of up to US$ 200,000, if you become a legal liability to a third party abroad.


6. Personal Accident

Royal Sundaram provides cover in case of an unfortunate accident. This coverage is available for disabilities, as well as deaths.


7. Repatriation of remains

Compensation is provided for the transportation of mortal remains to one’s own country, in case of an unfortunate and untimely death of the insured.