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What does Travel Insurance cover? Why do I need it?
An abroad is not only expensive; it also can be hectic - being in an unfamiliar land, away from home. A lot of things can go wrong in your perfectly planned trip - you may require medical care, you may lose your baggage, the trip may be unexpectedly delayed. Travel Insurance can help you during such situations. Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance covers
  • Cashless treatment during medical emergency for up to US$ 150,000
  • Loss / delay of checked-in baggage
  • Loss of Passport/Visa
  • Reimbursement due to trip delay
  • Automatic extension of Policy to cover delays
  • Legal liability of up to US$ 200,000
  • Your residence in India for up to Rs. 2 Lakhs against theft, fire accidents, house breaking, etc.
What is the difference between Single Trip and Multi Trip?
In Single Trip, you can visit abroad once. The cover commences from the moment you board flight for abroad trip and ends on your return back to India. The cover is available for up to 180 days.
In Multi Trip, you can visit abroad multiple times. The cover is available for a period of 365 days. The maximum duration of each trip should not exceed 45 days and the total number of days spent abroad should not exceed 180 days.
When does the cover begin?
For Single Trip the cover commences the moment you board the flight for the abroad trip.
For Multi Trip, you can choose the commencement period. You can travel abroad and back multiple times. The Policy's expiry will be 1 year from the date of commencement of Policy. Coverage per trip is either 30 days or 45 days as per plan selected by you.
What is the period for which Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance would cover my abroad trip?
Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance offers a cover for 180 days. Even if you choose Multi Trip plan, while duration of single trip can be upto 30 days or 45 days as per plan selected ,the total number of days of cover shall be 180 days.
How can I extend my Policy, if it gets extended due to unexpected reasons?
While the policy provides you an additional feature of Automatic extension of Policy for a period of 7 days to cover unexpected delays due to reasons as detailed in the policy, you can however approach us well in advance for extension of coverage,so long as you are maintaining good health and your extension is required not for taking any medical support/attention. However acceptance of request for extension is purely within our discretion.
In what circumstances Travel Insurance benefits will not be provided?
We would be unable to provide medical benefit to the insured, for the following cases
  • Pre-existing illnesses
  • Pregnancy and related treatment
  • Treatment for mental disorder
  • Treatment for illness if treatment was the sole purpose of travelling abroad
  • Treatment which can be delayed till the insured returns to India
  • Travelling against the advice of doctor
Home in India
  • We would be unable to cover your home in India, if home remains unoccupied for a period of more than 90 consecutive days.
  • The home is a building of Kutcha Construction

Personal Liability
We would be unable to provide benefits for Claim arising out of
  • Any unlawful act by Insured
  • Consumption of drugs / alcohols
  • Employer's liability
  • Dispute between family members, travelling companions or friends

Personal Accident
We would be unable to cover death or disability arising out of
  • Pre existing diseases
  • Pregnancy and related complications
  • Accident while undertaking dangerous activity such as ballooning, parachuting, gliding, rafting, etc
  • Damage due to radiation contamination
  • Disability due to Stroke, fits or convulsions
  • Intentional self injury

Trip Inconvenience
We would be unable to cover loss of checked-in baggage, delay in checked-in baggage or loss of travel documents if
  • Baggage contains any perishable items
  • Delay due to Custom Officials
  • Baggage is delayed on arrival in India
  • Travel documents is confiscated by Custom Officials / Public Authorities
How can I apply for Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance?
Royal Sundaram offers you the convenience of buying the Policy online! Simply visit our website and buy the Policy within 5 minutes.
Do keep your Passport handy, as you have to furnish the Passport details.
What are the services offered by Emergency Assistance Facility? *
In any unforeseen Medical Emergency, we provide you with following services:    
  • Medical advice over telephone and medical service provider referral.
  • Doctor appointments when you are overseas
  • Cashless treatment for in-hospital medical expenses
  Arrangement will be made for:  
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Medical repatriation
  • Transportation of mortal remains
  • Lost baggage/passport assistance
  • Information on claims procedure
  • Emergency message transmission assistance
  • Exchange rate information
  * The services are subject to policy terms and conditions and some of the services are subject to approval from the Insurance company
Who can be covered by the Policy?
Any Indian national above the age of 3 months and below 71 years can be covered by the policy without any documentation. It is mandatory that trip should commence from India.
I am visiting abroad with a relative. But my relative would be back within 10 days, while I have to be there for a month. Can I cover both of us with the same Policy?
Yes, you can choose different Plans and duration for your travel companions.
What is meant by Personal Liability?
Personal Liability is when you unintentionally or unexpectedly injure an unknown, unrelated person physically which leads to a fatal accident or you damage third party property; you are legally liable.
With Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance , we will pay and settle such Claims, as per your Plan and Terms and Conditions of the Policy. We offer Personal Liability coverage of up to US$ 200,000.
How can I decide the Plan which I require for my abroad trip?
You should decide the Plan depending on the following factors
  • Country you are travelling to - Is the country rated as safe to travel to? Is it well-connected with India? If the risk is high, choose a better Plan.
  • Healthcare in the country - If the healthcare is expensive in the country, take a better plan.
  • Age and health - Senior citizens may require a Plan with higher medical cover.
  • Weather -  The weather of the country may cause flight delays. Choose a Plan that covers trip delays adequately.
I hold a Royal Sundaram Health Shield Policy. Can I use it to cover medical expenses?
Royal Sundaram Health Shield Policy covers treatment availed in India only. You require a Travel Insurance to cover overseas medical expenses.
If I lose my baggage or it gets damaged during transit, can I expect any compensation?
Yes, Loss of Baggage is covered under Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance.
I lost my baggage and the Airline Company offered me a partial compensation. Can I expect any compensation from the Insurance Company?
We offer compensation due to Loss of Baggage in excess of any amount paid by the Airline Company. If the Airline Company compensates in full, we may be unable to provide compensation.
If I am admitted to a hospital unexpectedly abroad and my Policy expires, will I be covered?
With Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance, if the Insured is admitted to hospital and the Policy expires and the Insured cannot be transported to India, we will continue to provide cashless medical cover for a period of up to 60 days, or till the Insured is discharged (whichever is earlier).
I am going abroad to study. Can I get the cover of Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance?
The period of study generally extends beyond 180 days; hence we would be unable to cover you with Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance. You can look for Student Travel Insurance Plans in the market.
What is the procedure to make a Claim?
To make a Claim under Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance,
First, inform Paramount Alarm Centre by calling 91-022-4090 8315 OR 91-022-6662 0863 OR 91-022-4000 4219. From USA, you can also call 001 866 9785 205 to inform our TPA. Please inform us within 30 days of incident or end of the trip (whichever is earlier).
Send the duly filled Claim Form along with supporting documents to Paramount at
Paramount Health Services Pvt. Ltd,
2nd Floor, Elite Auto House,
54-A, M. Vasanji Road,
Off Kurla-Andheri Road,
Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400093
Either our Third Party Alliance (TPA) will ask for more documents to support your Claim or approve your claim.
For detailed information on Claims process and documents required, please visit the Claims page.
If I cancel the trip, what will happen to the Travel Insurance?
If you cancel your trip for any reason, you can cancel the Travel Insurance Policy with us. You would have to produce the Passport as proof that the journey has not been undertaken. We shall retain a minimum premium of Rs.250/-
Can I cancel the Policy? What is refund of Premium I can expect?
You may cancel the Policy only if you don't undertake the journey covered by our Policy. You may have to produce your Passport as proof that the journey has not been undertaken. 
For Single Trip Policy
Request for cancellation of Policy will be entertained up to 14 days after the first day of Insurance, as indicated in the Policy. An amount of Rs. 250/- will be deducted for cancelling the Policy.

For Multi Trip Policy

Policy will be cancelled if no Claims have been made. The Company will retain applicable Short Period rates for the period for which Insurance was active. A minimum of Rs. 250/- will be deducted for cancelling the Policy.

0-45 Days 30% of Annual premium
46-90 Days 50% of Annual premium
91-120 Days 80% of Annual premium
121-140 Days 90% of Annual premium
>140 Days Annual premium

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