Two Wheeler Insurance for Bajaj

Two Wheeler Insurance for Bajaj

Bajaj, the oldest two-wheeler manufacturer in India, has constantly made improvements and advancements in its products over the years. Of all of Bajaj’s two-wheeler models, the Bajaj Pulsar is the most famous, especially the Bajaj Pulsar 150 variant. Highly popular amongst youngsters, this bike is furnished with an engine kill switch, tubeless tyres, self-cancelling turn indicators, 150cc powered engine, and many other features.


Known for its commendable performance, stylish appearance, and affordability; the Bajaj Pulsar is the ideal bike to kick-start your journey of bike rides! Being your beloved possession, Royal Sundaram aims to protect this asset with its Bajaj two-wheeler insurance. From numerous options to choose from, Royal Sundaram’s bike insurance is the answer to your bike’s protection and safety!

Bajaj Pulsar Insurance Price

Bajaj Pulsar Insurance Price:

Two-wheeler insurance safeguards your scooter or motorcycle from any unexpected physical damage that it may incur through incidents, accidents, natural external acts, or any other causes. Royal Sundaram offers two-wheeler insurance in a seamless, quick and paperless manner.


The quote or price which you pay for the Bajaj two-wheeler insurance is determined on the Insured Declared Value, make and model of the bike, age of the bike, geographical location, and other critical aspects. Visit the website or download the Royal Sundaram app, select ‘Two-Wheeler Insurance’ and input the required details. Royal Sundaram has an online premium calculator that calculates and shares the quote for your desired bike insurance policy. 


Bajaj Pulsar Insurance Renewal:

Two-wheeler renewal is just as critical as the purchase of a Bajaj two-wheeler insurance. Gone are the days when you need to submit heaps of documents and hard copies, revert to multiple queries, and wait for days to get your two-wheeler renewal done.


Royal Sundaram offers you the option of minimal paperwork and a renewed bike insurance within a matter of a few minutes, without leaving the comfort of your home. You just have to visit the official website or download the app, select the “Insta Renew” option, input your policy number and expiry date, and pay the premium value as reflected on the screen! That’s it, and you’re done with your two-wheeler renewal process!


Renew Other Company Policy:

Unhappy with your bike insurance provider and want to shift? But don’t know how? Royal Sundaram offers you an easy solution! Select the ‘Other Company Renewal’ option, input your existing policy details and other required information and pay the applicable premium amount. That’s it! Your Bajaj Pulsar insurance is now renewed with Royal Sundaram.


Renew Expired Policy for Bajaj Pulsar:

Expiry of your bike insurance can cause you a lot of stress. It not only opens the door for financial risk but also for legal complications. Having two-wheeler insurance is mandated by Law. Royal Sundaram has the ideal solution for you to resolve your stress in this matter.


Submit your expired policy details, a satisfactory Vehicle Inspection Report, and a few more critical documents as requested, and we will renew your expired Bajaj Pulsar insurance seamlessly.


From pillion rider cover, cashless claims, 100% invoice cover, to a huge option of additional coverage; Royal Sundaram is the perfect Bajaj two-wheeler insurance provider for you!   

Royal Sundaram - Bajaj Insurance

Why a Bajaj Bike Insurance Important for you?


If you love your Bajaj, then it’s your responsibility to take good care of it. Therefore, it’s good to invest in a bike insurance as it protects your bike from all sorts of possible risks. It not just protects you from third-party liability but also ensures a safe ride every time you hit the road. Also, it provides financial protection for your bike against any type of unforeseen situation, including loss or damage to your bike or third party.


Top 4 Reasons to buy Bajaj Two Wheeler Insurance

Top 4 Reasons to Buy Bajaj Bike Insurance from Royal Sundaram

Insurance for brand new two wheeler

You can purchase insurance for a brand new bike for a time period of 2-3 years. As per regulation 5 year TP is mandatory for new vehicles.

Claim settlement

The settlement of claims will be done within 10 working days.

Comprehensive coverage

It offers comprehensive coverage for your bike, accessories, and any damage to the third party property and life. Also, you can get the cover of up to 1 Lakh in case of accidents

Owner Cover

Owner-Driver cover up to 1 lakh in accident cases

In case your bike meets an accident, you get an owner-driver cover of up to 1 Lakh


Royal Sundaram Bajaj Bike Insurance - Coverage Details

Royal Sundaram Bajaj Bike Insurance - Coverage Details


What Covered:

  • Accidental and external damage
  • Riot & strike
  • Malicious Act
  • Fire & Explosion
  • Terrorism
  • Strom & flood
  • Landslide
  • Burglary, theft/housebreaking
  • Earthquake
  • Legal protection for death/injury claims to third party; damage to third party; legal cost and expenses
  • Personal accident cover


What’s not Covered:


  • Wear and tear or any consequential loss
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown
  • Damage caused to a person’s vehicle who is under the influence of a vehicle
  • Damage caused to a person’s vehicle who is without a valid license
  • Damage caused to your personal property.


Royal Sundaram Bajaj - Claim Process & Procedure

Royal Sundaram - Bajaj Bike Insurance - Claim Process & Procedure



Policy percticulars

First, you can inform Royal Sundaram about the loss of or damage to your vehicle through our customer services number 1860 425 0000 or email ( Make sure to keep your policy number handy when you call or mention your policy number when you write to us.

No repair

We will assist you in finding a workshop where quality repairs will be done for your vehicle. Before starting the repair, we will arrange for the vehicle to be inspected by our surveyor.


You will need to submit a duly filled and signed (only by insured as per policy) claim form, self-attested photocopy of the registration certificate of the vehicle and the driving license of the person who was riding the vehicle at the time of accident.


Other documentary requirements and process will be explained to you after inspection of vehicle.

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Why should you consider IDV when buying bike insurance?

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