Two Wheeler Insurance for Bajaj Avenger

Two Wheeler Insurance for Bajaj Avenger

India-based global two-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj has recently launched updated versions of its Avenger motorbike. The two updated models are the Bajaj Avenger Street and Bajaj Avenger Cruise. These two Avenger models are available in 150cc and 220cc variants of engine capacity. Bikers who desire to own this stylish, cool and comfortable bike can decide which model to purchase based on their requirements.


In India road accidents are unpredictable. Two-wheelers are more prone to accidents on roads as compared to four-wheelers. Bike thefts are also on the high. Bajaj Avenger bike owners need to be aware of these matters and consider getting their bikes insured on time.

Bajaj Avenger Bike Insurance Price

Bajaj Avenger Bike Insurance Price


Most bikers desire comprehensive insurance coverage, which offers complete protection to the owner and the vehicle. The prices of bike insurance packages depend on several factors, which include:


  1. Insured Declared Value (IDV)
  2. The bike’s model
  3. Year of manufacture and registration
  4. No Claim Bonus
  5. Any add-ons or discounts


Bajaj Avenger Bike owners can choose the best insurance policy for their bikes by considering these factors. Simply provide your bike registration details and personal information, and we will provide you with a customized bike insurance quote.


Bajaj Avenger Bike Insurance Renewal


Bikers need to renew their bike insurance policies on time. We at Royal Sundaram have introduced the Insta Renew online application which enables Bajaj Avenger bike owners to renew their bike insurance without any hassle.


Follow these three-steps process to purchase or renew your Royal Sundaram Bajaj Avenger bike insurance policy:

  1. Fill in the bike insurance form
  2. Retrieve the quotation
  3. Pay the required insurance premium


Renew Other Company Policy


In case Bajaj Avenger bike owners are uncomfortable with their current bike insurance providers due to complications in the providers’ insurance purchase or renewal processes, there’s nothing for them to worry about!  We at Royal Sundaram are here to help! Bike owners just need to enter the registration number of their bikes and their personal details online for an easy renewal of other company bike insurance with Royal Sundaram.


Renew Expired Policy for Bajaj Avenger


Bike insurance expiry happens mostly due to busy schedules on account of which bike owners may not be able to renew their policies on time. Bajaj Avenger bike owners now have nothing to worry if their bike insurance policies have expired. They just need to opt for Royal Sundaram and get their bike insurance policy renewed. Just visit the Royal Sundaram website and provide the following details:


  1. Expired policy number
  2. Registration number of the bike
  3. Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR)


Why is a Bajaj Avenger Bike Insurance Important for you?


In India on account of rising road accidents and bike thefts, it is mandatory as part of the law to have your two-wheelers insured. Due to traffic safety concerns, not having motorbikes insured can lead to heavy penalties upon getting caught by the traffic police.


Royal Sundaram offers comprehensive as well as third party bike insurance coverages. Benefits of having your Bajaj Avenger bike insured with us include:


  1. A fast insurance claim settlement process
  2. Personal Accidental coverage of Rs. 1 lakh given to bike owners
  3. Provision of third-party liability protection
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