Two Wheeler Insurance for Apache RTR 200

Two Wheeler Insurance for Apache RTR 200

TVS Motors has certainly found its place amongst the bike-enthusiasts with RTR 200, and the recent launch of ethanol variant is only going to make it more appealing to the millennials. On the other hand, the RTR 4V comes with a race edition engine, and is the first in class to get a slipper clutch or as coined by TVS - an 'anti-reverse torque unit'. Technology and performance apart, you must make sure that your TVS Motors Apache RTR 200 is covered under insurance so that you and your beloved beast are protected against any untoward incidents.

TVS Motors Apache RTR 200 Bike Insurance Price

TVS Motors Apache RTR 200 Bike Insurance Price


 The premium calculation for bike insurance will rest on the number of factors that could vary from one owner to another. Factors such as the bike's engine capacity or cc, depreciation amount depending on the model, variant and age of the vehicle in case of old bikes, the IDV or the insured declared value, area(city/state) of registration etc. will be taking into account while arriving at the final premium.


You can get instant quotes by getting your two-wheeler appraised by Royal Sundaram. We offer numerous attractive benefits and riders along with comprehensive insurance policies, specifically designed for your TVS Motors Apache RTR 200 Bike. You can get personal Accident Cover of up to Rs. 15 Lakhs. To get the cost of the premium for your bike insurance online, you will have to provide the registration number/vehicle manufacturing year and your contact information.


TVS Motors Apache RTR 200 Bike Insurance Renewal


For renewal of your TVS Motors Apache RTR 200 Bike Insurance online, you have to visit the Royal Sundaram company website and buy yourself a policy in 3 easy steps -


1.     Fill your Policy details.

2.     Check your details and calculate the premium amount.

3.     Finish by making the online payment, and you will receive a copy of your bike insurance policy.


In case you still wonder "Why a TVS Motors Apache RTR 200 Bike Insurance Important for you?", you have to know that non-renewal of two-wheeler policies will result in the loss of protection for your bike or two-wheeler against any damage which might result in a financial loss. The motor vehicle act prevents the use of any vehicle on the road without obtaining at least a third-party insurance policy.


TVS Motors Apache RTR 200 Renew Other Company Policy


Of the two types of policies available, you could choose either the comprehensive – protects against impact damage, fire, theft, earthquake or the third-party liability insurance cover which safeguards in case of death, bodily injury, and damages to third-party only. In case you wish to renew or switch to a new policy, Royal Sundaram offers excellent choices and add-ons to suit your needs and give you that much-needed peace of mind.


Renew Expired Policy for TVS Motors Apache RTR 200


While you love your bike and the long weekend rides, a business work schedule may result in you failing to renew your insurance policy. It is certainly not advisable to ride a bike with no insurance, and you would not want to do that. So, how do you renew a lapsed bike insurance policy?


Renew Royal Sundaram Policy for TVS Motors Apache RTR 200 and avail long term benefits like coverage for up to 3 years in single insurance and one-time payment. Renewing your expired policy is made easy by Royal Sundaram by offering an easy renewal process on its official website.


In case, there is a break in the policy then you will need to follow the below steps –


  1. Go to the Royal Sundaram website
  2. You will require important documents like previous policy details, the vehicle registration number, and the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR),
  3. Input all the required details and renew your expired policy for TVS Motors Apache RTR 200.


Note –

“Vehicle Inspection Report” - you can get a detailed car inspection conducted online through Royal Sundaram’s online app. Just upload the pictures of your car, receive a report, and send the final VIR to us.

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