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Public Liability insurance

Public Liability insurance provides indemnity against the Insured¿s liability at law to the public in general (excluding employees) for bodily injury and loss of or damage to property. The insurance defines the particular activity or interest of the insured to which the indemnity relates, and is subject to a monetary limit agreed with the insured. The insurance also pays the reasonable defence costs of the Insured. Liability insurance is available in principle to cover any liability imposed by law for injury or damage that is not deliberately or criminally caused.

Main Exceptions

Some common general exceptions under these policies are
  • Liability to employees
  • Liability assumed by the insured under agreement
  • Liability for Personal Injury/Bodily injury/property loss due to gradual seepage/pollution or contamination and cost of removing, seeping, polluting or contaminating substances. However accidental pollution can be covered
  • Fines or penalties, exemplary or punitive damages
  • Damage directly or indirectly caused by arising out of use of asbestos

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