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Health Insurance

Complete health insurance
coverage for you and your

Health Insurance requirement differs from person to person. This is why there are many plans that consumers can avail. Some offer basic cover for you and your family, where as some extend to cover maternity expenses as well. Also, you can get medical insurance plans that cover non hospitalization expenses assisting you to handle the crisis situation better.

A Disease or an accident requiring unexpected hospitalization is not just a major threat to your health but your savings as well. A health insurance plan helps you to meet such a crisis situation with ease. The comprehensive cover of a medical insurance plan ensures all aspects of hospitalization are well covered allowing you to focus your attention on your family's good health.

With growing healthcare cost it is important to cover your hospitalization expenses with Health Insurance Policy. If you already have Medical Insurance, it will be beneficial to supplement it with a Hospital Cash Insurance Plan which covers incidental expenses incurred during hospitalization.

Master Product - Total Health Plus

Total Health Plus

Ensure total health protection of your loved ones with Royal Sundaram’s Total Health Plus

  • Gradual increase in Sum Insured every year, despite claim
  • Accidental hospitalization benefit up to 50% above Sum Insured

Family Good Health

Family Good Health

Family Good Health, a comprehensive health insurance plan which combines the benefit of a regular medical insurance plan with hospital cash benefits

  • No documentation, no medical test up to 50 years
  • Pre-existing diseases covered after 4 years
  • Cashless facility in over 3000+ hospitals

Hospital Cash

Hospital Cash

Cover incidental expenses such as charges for patient's diet, patient's attender's lodging, money spent on commuting from home to hospital and back

  • Get Daily Cash benefit up to Rs 3000*
  • Convalescence benefit of Rs 15,000
  • Double Accident, Triple ICU

Customer Reviews

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Reviews (86)
Health Insurance
03 Jan 2014

The service provided by the company is very very good and in time.

01 Jan 2014

I appreciate for services rendered by you to customer is very good.I have received claimed amount through cheque within one week. Happy about having a Health Insurance in Royal Sundaram.

01 Jan 2014

I felt happy by receiving my health claim in stipulated time.Thanks to Royal Sundaram.

01 Jan 2014

We are extremely happy with the settlement of claims by your company. Should cover more hospitals for cashles claims.Wish you "Propserous New Year".

12 Dec 2013

Overall satisfactory! The requirement of documents for settlement of claim should be spelt out clearly when making hospital cash claim and no additional documents called for at a later date.

02 Dec 2013

Service is very good.

02 Dec 2013

Response is prompt, Communication is courtious and Service is efficient,please maintain the same spirit in future too, wish your entire team all the very best.

27 Nov 2013

All concerned had played their role well, right from the advisor handlimg my account to the verifier who visited blore and met me.generally good and effective with royal sundaram persunnel. fully satisfied with your association.

26 Nov 2013

The speed with which RS responded towards health claim settlement is absolutely fantastic.Pl call to add my daughters name to the existing medical policy.

26 Nov 2013

Better Service.

26 Nov 2013

I was Really surprised by the way the Health Insurance claim was processed without any need for efforts and follow ups from my side. Thank u guys. just one suggestion is the that the claim form was to complicated for a common man. It would be better if u could make it short and easy.

26 Nov 2013

Very good service. Excellent Transparency in the health claims settlement process. Keep it up!

22 Nov 2013

Settlement time taken could have been much better as it took almost two months, but overall experience was good. Thanks!

21 Nov 2013

Very satisfied with Royal Sundaram Mediclaim Organisation. Would appreciate no further increases in premium, considering us as retired persons.

20 Nov 2013

Thank you Royal Sundaram for made our life comfortable during most uncomfortable times!

20 Nov 2013

No remarks. well satisfied. Request for the original medical reports. Thank you.

12 Oct 2013

I am very grateful to tell you that i m the Customer of Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company.The Company promptly responded my health claim and Co-operated to me.

17 Sep 2013

I am Very much satisfied for this medical claim settlement.

06 Sep 2013

I am very much satisfied with the response and the prompt clearance of my claim in time. I would only suggest you to cover all the big hospitals in chennai so that we can make use of cash less scheme in a real sense.

02 Jul 2013

Your doing good. The claim settlement team is very fast and smart. I got my claim amount within a short span of time. Thanks for your work.

27 May 2013

Good approach and well handled service.

27 May 2013

Good service provided. Keep it up.

27 May 2013

I had a very good experience with Royal Sundaram and I would definitely recommend it to others.

25 May 2013

I am having a Medical Insurance with Royal Sundaram and i have received my claim amount with some deductions. Thanks for processing my claim ASAP.

25 May 2013

Yes, the service is very good.

21 May 2013

Overall it is a good experience. My health claim was settled in a short time which i never expected. Well handled.

19 May 2013

You are doing excellent work. Keep up the good work.

17 May 2013

It was a Good experience! thanks!

25 Apr 2013

Good quality, prompt service. Keep it up!

11 Apr 2013

Overall Mediclaim processing handled very well without any due reminder to RSI. I am fully satisfied your team members work.

11 Apr 2013

The service was excellent !!

11 Apr 2013

Fast, Quick in health claim settlements.

10 Apr 2013

All your health policies are having limits regarding the claim amount. i.e only specific percent of the insured sum can be settled. This should change I feel.Thanks

10 Apr 2013

Royal Sundaram worked amazingly fast in an honest and transparent manner in my case. As per the general public perception the Insurance Companies concentrate their efforts in discovering the loopholes in the claim applications to avoid refusing payment on one ground or the other. However I had a very pleasant, cheering and heartening experience with Royal Sundaram. My claim was settled for the promised amount immediately after i submitted complete documents. I am thankful to your company. I am specially thankful to your officers who were so patient, empathetic, helpful and reassuring on the phone and in the e mails. May God bless you all.

10 Apr 2013

Thanks for your excellent system and guidance time to time through SMS and mail to me.

10 Apr 2013

I heard some good things about Royal Sundaram. This time, I have experienced it myself.Thank you

26 Mar 2013

I am extremely happy at your Health claim services. Whenever I telephoned to them, they enthusiastically spoke to me on whatever I wanted on my claims status.It gives me pleasure to be with Royal Sundaram. Definitely, I will bring many customers to you.

22 Mar 2013

Royal sundaram is the only one co. who clear my medical claim very fast and i think as for as my knowledge the royal sundaram is first co. who accept the policy of above 45-50year age at that time when i was taken the policy for my mother.i want to say in hindi that "are javano ki to sab koi policy accept karte hai, budhe maa bapo ki sirf ek hi banda karata hai aur vo hai royal sundaram" "jo samaj seva ka kam karta hai, jo des ki janta ka sochata hai,jo midal class ke logo ka sahara banta hai, jo sirf paiso ke liye kam nahi karata aisi company ko royal sundaram kahte hai" this is my special request to you that please keep your service contineously is it is today and please mail me the single photo of your respected chairman sir. thanks, i am very happy and proud that i am the member or part of royal sundaram. Regards

19 Mar 2013

Quick response to my health claim and disbursement.

06 Mar 2013

I have been refunded only Rs.7500/- which is very less as compared to my overall expenditure of more than Rs.20,000/-. My brother-in-law has recently been refunded entire amount of RS.25000/- by another mediclaim company for the same cataract surgery. Royalsundaram should also think if increasing the limit to some reasonable level keeping in view the expenditure involved. Even a small doctor with very primitive lenses does not perform this surgery in less than Rs.12000-15000/-.

25 Feb 2013

Mediclaim was settled very soon without any hazzles. Thank you.

24 Feb 2013

Very good service by Royal Sundaram team. Well keep it up.

22 Feb 2013

Royal Sundaram is really ROYAL SUNDARAM. In the Health claim settelment I have experienced promptness and efficiency and also sympathic view.

12 Feb 2013

Excellent performance by Mediclaim team. Kind approach to all (client and family members).

11 Feb 2013

Excellent Job done by team. I never suffer any trouble from Royal sundaram. Actually your team really royals.

11 Feb 2013

Excellent and fast settlement of claims. This is not the first time, in earlier times also ROYAL SUNDARAM settled my health claims very fast and effectively.

06 Feb 2013

Overall I am satisfied with the service rendered and settled my health claim quickly.

06 Feb 2013

Medical claim was settled to my full satisfaction. Thank you very much.

25 Jan 2013

Thanks to almighty, this was my first claim since i joined you.I am satisfied with the prompt service of the co.god forbid one has to ever apply for the claim.however, if at all it becomes necessary, I hope your team will expedite the case with the same promptness. in general people avoid admitting a patient in hospital unless it becomes a must otherwise try medication at home. unfortunately your co. does not allow claim for such treatment. compulsion of admission in a hospital for 24 hrs for a claim be suitably revised.if a patient is taking treatment from a dr. of your impaneled hospital his claim should be accepted even if he is not hospitalised.

09 Jan 2013

The service was excellent. I wish I had my health insurance. People say private companies always try to reject claims but our experience with Royal Sundaram was good. We submitted the claim papers.

08 Jan 2013

I was very happy for choosing Royal Sundaram for my health insurance needs.

06 Jan 2013

Excellent services, so far experienced.

03 Jan 2013

I had a very good experience with RS as i m ur customer since more than last 10 years n looking forward with same claim settlements ahead.

02 Jan 2013

The Team clear my health claim with in the estimated time and they treat us all time very friendly.

29 Dec 2012

Royal sundaram is giving good service to the policy holders and i am satisfied with there services and i would like recommend it to others to buy the royal sundaram health insurance policy.

28 Dec 2012

Since I am fully satisfied in the health claim experience I am interested in extending the hospital cash policy to my wife also. You can ask your marketing people to call me.

23 Dec 2012

Yes your team is good i wish that my future claims also are settled well if any thankyou.

21 Dec 2012

I am very thankfull to you for passing my medical claim and also appreciate your prompt service.

20 Dec 2012

I have therefore going by the service provided by Royal Sundaram extended my family Health Insurance for another period of two years.

20 Dec 2012

Good service.

19 Dec 2012

I was really surprised to see the health claim cheque within 10 days of claim submission. Amazing I never had such a good experience with any insurance company in the past and I strongly recommend this policy.

19 Dec 2012

Over all the organisation and health claim process is fine. They should communicatate to the customer, when they take more time to claim process.

18 Dec 2012

Very good , prompt service without any hurdles. Many thanks. It reduced my Loan burden.

18 Dec 2012

Excellent claim settlement service.Very grateful for quick settlement process.

18 Dec 2012

I appreciate the settlement on time. Recieved Royal Sundram settlement 15 days prior to the settlement of Mediclaim from NIA.

18 Dec 2012

Overall a wonderful service and never expected health claim settlement so fast. Keep it up.

18 Dec 2012

I will give 100% because I received my money back within 15 days from the date of submission of my bills. after receiving cheque there was a difference when i have spoken to them regarding they rechecked and issued difference amount also without any further follow-up from my end. I am very happy and I am very much confortable without any worry about my future hospital expenses, because they are there to support whenever we are in need.

17 Dec 2012

Firstly, I am very much thankful to Royal Sundaram for settling my health claim so early. I am very much satisfied with the services of Royal Sundaram, but it would be better if I could access the status of my policy online, whenever I want to from my home, just like LIC, India. Hope you will take the neccessary action.

17 Dec 2012

It was a wonderful experience with Royal Sundram. Unfortunately I met an accident within 20 days of policy taken but Royal Sundram reimbursed almost 99% of claim amount. I am thankful to you for the reimbursement.

17 Dec 2012

I am very satisfied with my claims and service of Royal Sundaram on my previous health claims made by me with submission of bills. The claim on my last illness was made directly by the hospital and they handled everything very well.

17 Dec 2012

Great Support for my claim and would like to have the same support in future.I would suggest to have us the online status of our submitted health claims on webportal.

17 Dec 2012

Handling the claim was 'extremely prompt'. Please keep up the practice for all future mediclaims.

17 Dec 2012

Handling the claim was 'extremely prompt'. Please keep up the practice for all future health claims.

14 Nov 2012

Really excellent!

31 Oct 2012

Good Service...

30 Oct 2012

Thank u very much for re-cosidering and reverting my health claim, had help me during my difficulty period which royal sundaram had brought very much happiness, joy to my life which i am very much greateful to the team of medi claim which release my claim and i am very much thankful and ever forever pray.

30 Oct 2012

Overall I am quite satisfied with the quality of service rendered by royal sundaram in respect of my mediclaim. please keep up the good work.

27 Oct 2012

Thank you very much for the speedy settlement of my claim. We much appreciate your support in this regard. Will definitely recommend Royal sundaram health insurance to all our friends.

26 Oct 2012

Health claims team had really settled it very fast. I got the money back in less then 10 working days.Only aspect is after I made my initial payment they suggested to for claims if we can get that also be considered as cash less and reimburse my initial payment it will be helpfull.

26 Oct 2012

Am happy and satisfied and will recommend others to take up a medical insurance policy with Royal Sundaram.

25 Oct 2012

Excellent working at RS is highly appreciated.Other Insurance Companies should learn flawless handling of health claims from RS.

25 Oct 2012

The only problem i faced was during discharge from the hospital, i was made to wait for 8 hours.....from TPA....But i guess the fault was from hospital side as well.But overall from your end we have never faced any disappointment.

25 Oct 2012

It is far better than other Health Insurance Companies, but TPAs are required to be tuned and counselled to be more prompt, fast in communicating their approvals as the customers and their family members are put to lot of hard ships as I experienced in 2009 when my wife was hospitalised. Except TPAs, company management is very user friendly.TPAs behaviour is very disgusting.

15 Oct 2012

Excellent work , it was a hassle free claim i have received for my medical policy. Great work really appreciatable.

14 Oct 2012

Very good response this time, I congragulate, the staff and the management, keep it up. thank you.

13 Oct 2012

I am happy about your health claim service.

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