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Processing of the claim will be carried out as per the terms & conditions.

A step-by-step guide to file a home insurance claim

Step 1

Intimate Claim

Call 1860-258-0000 or Intimate Claim online.

Step 2


Inspection to assess the damage.

Step 3

Claim Approved

We will process your claim and keep you updated

Documents checklist

Here’s an exhaustive list of documents you may need to make a claim. You may need few or all of them based on your situation.

Documents checklist

  • Duly filled Claim form
  • First Information Report (FIR)
  • Paper cuttings or media reporting of the incident
  • Fire Brigade Report (in case of Loss, destruction or damage by Fire)
  • Meteorological report (in case of Loss, destruction or damage by Flood, Storm, Cyclone)
  • Title deed establishing the ownership of the property (for Building cover)
  • Layout plan of the building / affected area (for Building cover)
  • Estimate for Repairs / Replacement together with basis of arrival of the same
  • Invoice / Bills / Receipts
  • Photographs

  • Claim form duly filled
  • Report from the meteorological department
  • Paper cutting or media report stating the incident
  • Layout plan of the building / affected area
  • Basis of arriving at the loss estimate
  • Engineers quotation for repair/construction
  • Repair bills / Purchase bills

  • Claim form duly filled
  • Proof of occupancy at the alternate accommodation indicating duration of such accommodation
  • Proof of rent paid for temporary accommodation

  • Claim form duly filled
  • Rental agreement signed with the tenant
  • Statement from tenant confirming non-payment of rent due to uninhabitable state of the premises

  • Duly completed Claim form
  • Statement of loss confirming the items stolen
  • First Information Report filed with Police showing item identifications like description of items, date of incident and estimate of loss
  • Loss estimate and Basis of arriving at the loss estimate
  • Invoice/Bills in original
  • Final Police Report
  • Non-traceable Certificate issued by Police authorities
  • Newspaper cutting if any reporting the incident
  • Letter of indemnity

  • KYC documents (address proof and ID proof for all claims exceeding INR 1,00,000)
  • Cancelled cheque leaf of SB account in the policy holder’s name for effecting NEFT settlement
  • Any other documents as required by the Insurer depending on the nature and type of the claim preferred

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