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Family Plus

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Family Plus is a unique health insurance plan which provides the most comprehensive health coverage at an affordable price. Family Plus is a Family Floater Plan which is designed especially for large families and it covers up to 19 relationships. Family Plus is a health insurance cover which is simple to buy and easy to understand. The product offers a unique benefit where each insured member of the family will have an individual sum insured apart from a floater sum insured and reload benefit which any of the family member can consume in case of a major illness. This ensures you are adequately covered at all times. It comes with rich no claim bonus which also helps make your insurance inflation proof by adding 20% additional sum insured for each claim free year.

Family Plus will have an individual base sum insured and a common floater sum insured in the same policy.

The customer has to choose one individual sum insured and one floater sum insured from the below available options. The base sum insured has to be the same for all members.


Individual Base Sum Insured  -    Rs.2lacs, Rs.3lacs, Rs.5lacs, Rs.10lacs, Rs.15 Lacs


Floater Sum Insured                -    Rs.3lacs, Rs.4lacs, Rs.5lacs, Rs.10lacs, Rs.15Lacs,Rs20 lacs, Rs25 lacs & Rs 50 lacs.



Who can be insured?

  • Any person who is more than 18 years of age can be the proposer of the plan.
  • Children above the age of 91 days can be covered.
  • Adults can be covered from 18 years onwards.
  • There is no restriction on maximum entry age.
  • Minimum of 2 members need to be covered in a policy. There is no restriction on the maximum number.
  • The below given relations can be offered cover in the policy.

Spouse as long as he or she continues to be married to you, Son, Daughter-in-law, Daughter, Father, Mother, Father-in-law as long as your spouse continues to be married to you, Mother-in-law as long as your spouse continues to be married to you, Grand father, Grand mother, Grand son, Grand daughter, Son-in-law, Brother, Sister, Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, Nephew and Niece.

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What are the Key Features of Family Plus Product?
Key features of Family Plus are as mentioned below:

Coverage for 19 different relations in the same policy.
  • Legally married spouse as long as he or she continues to be married to You
  • Son
  • Daughter-in-law
  • Daughter
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Father-in-law as long as Your spouse continues to be married to You
  • Mother-in-law as long as Your spouse continues to be married to You
  • Grandfather
  • Grandmother
  • Grandson
  • Granddaughter
  • Son-in-law
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Sister-in-law
  • Brother-in-law
  • Nephew
  • Niece

  1.     A unique combination of Individual SI+ Floater SI in the same policy. 2.     No upper age limit for enrolment in policy.
3.     Access best class healthcare facilities with no capping in terms of Room Rent, disease specific sublimits, etc
4.     Cashless hospitalization across 5000+ network hospitals across India
5.     Easy documentation and hassle free claim settlement
6.     Zonal Pricing depending upon the location of your stay. Pay less if you do not stay in Metro Cities and Gujarat State.

Product Benifits
Sum Insured (SI) INR(1) Individual Base Sum Insured 2 lacs | 3 lacs | 5 lacs | 10 lacs | 15 lacs
Floater Sum Insured 3 lacs | 4 lacs | 5 lacs | 10 lacs | 15 lacs | 20 lacs | 25 lacs | 50 lacs
BASELINE COVER(2)(3) Inpatient Care Covered up to Sum Insured
Pre And Post Hospitalisation Expenses 60/90 days, Covered upto Sum Insured
All Day Care Procedures Covered up to Sum Insured
Organ Donor Expenses Covered up to Sum Insured
OTHER BENEFITS Ambulance Cover Up to INR 4,000, per event of hospitalization for every insured member
No-Claim Bonus 20% of Base Sum Insured up to a max of 100%
Re-load of Sum Insured(4) Up to Base Sum Insured, once during the policy year
Vaccination in case of Animal Bite(5) Upto INR 5,000
Ayush Treatment(6) Government Hospitals – Covered upto Sum Insured Other Hospitals – Covered upto Rs. 30,000
Domiciliary Hospitalisation(7) Covered up to Sum Insured
Second Opinion for 11 specified CriticalIllness(8) Available Once During The Policy Year
Emergency Domestic Evacuation (Bed To Bed on Advise of Treating Doctor) Covered up to INR 100,000
HEALTH & WELLNESS Health Check - up Annual
Preventive Healthcare & Wellness(9) Available
MATERNITY BENEFITS Maternity Cover for up to 2 Deliveries(10) INR 50,000
New Born Baby Cover Base SI of mother
Vaccinations for New Born Baby in the first Year(#) Up to INR 10,000
Nutritional Allowance for Mother post discharge(11) Up to INR 10,000
CUSTOMER LEVEL OPTIONS Hospital Cash (For 30 Days in case of Hospitalisation Beyond 2 Days) INR. 2,000 per day

Key Notes:

  (1) It is mandatory to choose 1 base sum insured & 1 floater sum insured. The chosen base sum insured will be same for all covered members.
(2) Baseline cover includes
  • 36 month waiting period for pre-existing conditions.
  • 2 year waiting period for specific 17 diseases/conditions.
  • 30 day Initial waiting period from inception.
  • Entry age for adults is 18 years onwards and children is from 91 days onwards. New born Children can be added to existing policies at renewal.
  • Zone 2 is priced 15% lower than zone 1 (For eg, if Zone 1 is priced as Rs.100, then zone 2 will be priced at Rs. 85)
  • Indicative list of day care procedures has been given in the policy document.
(3) Option of applying Disease specific loading or Co-pay for certain chronic diseases as a part of medical
(4) Re-load of Sum Insured - Reinstate sum insured up to base sum insured. Applicable for different illnesses. Reload will be triggered only once in a policy year and only after the base SI + Floater SI is exhausted. The reloaded SI can be jointly or severally used by all insured members, up to the available limit.
(5) Vaccination for Animal Bite (Post Bite Treatment) - OPD Benefit up to defined limit as part of Overall limit.
(6) AYUSH Treatment - Inpatient Treatment taken up in authorised Government Hospitals.
(7) If due to your health condition you cannot be moved to a hospital or a bed is not available in hospital, we will reimburse the medical expenses incurred for treatment taken at home as long as it involved medical treatment for a period exceeding 3 days.
(8) 2nd Opinion for following critical illnesses are covered: Cancer, First Heart Attack, Open Chest CABG, Open Heart Replacement or Repair of Heart Valves, Coma, Kidney Failure, Stroke, Major Organ/Bone Marrow Transplant, Permanent paralysis of Limbs, Motor Neuron Disease & Multiple Sclerosis.
(9) Preventive Healthcare & Wellness Benefit to offer various health related articles on your registered email Id and doctor on email chat.
(10) Maternity Benefit - Covers up to 2 deliveries if at least 2 adults are covered under the same policy. 24 month waiting period applies to maternity cover including all attached new born baby cover benefits.
(#) - Vaccinations would be covered till the next policy anniversary after which the new born baby has to be included in the policy for the coverage to continue.
(11) Nutrition allowance covers cost of nutritional food supplements & medicines which inter alia includes food supplements advised by medical practitioner for nutrition enriched diet viz calcium tablets, vitamins, tonics, fresh/dry fruits & vegetables to be given to mother post birth of child to recuperate. Fixed benefit payable in the form of a postdated cheque, 2 months after delivery. This is a first of its kind offering in the health insurance industry.
Note: Policy offers a combination of individual sum insured and floater sum insured in the same policy. Minimum 2 members need to be covered in the policy. The following relations of the proposer are allowed to be covered in the policy.
Spouse as long as he or she continues to be married to you, Son, Daughter-in-law, Daughter, Father, Mother, Father-in-law as long as your spouse continues to be married to you, Mother-in-law as long as your spouse continues to be married to you , Grandfather, Grandmother, Grandson, Granddaughter, Son-in-law, Brother, Sister, Sister-in-law, Brother-in-law, Nephew and Niece.
Which all SI options are available under Family Plus?
Customer has the option to choose from a wide range of Sum Insured's available as under:
Type of Sum Insured Sum Insured
Individual Sum Insured Rs.2lacs, Rs.3lacs, Rs.5lacs, Rs.10lacs, Rs. 15 Lacs
Floater Sum Insured Rs.3lacs, Rs.4lacs, Rs.5lacs, Rs.10lacs, Rs. 15 Lacs, Rs.20 Lacs, Rs. 25 Lacs, Rs. 50 Lacs
      Sum Insured is on Annual basis.
Can the customer opt for Individual or floater SI?
No. The customer has to choose a combination of individual SI + floater SI. The individual SI chosen has to be the same for all covered members. For eg) if there are 5 members covered in a policy, then each of them will be eligible for the below SI.

Individual SI of Rs 5 lakhs + Floater SI of Rs 10 lakhs = Rs15 lakhs (cumulative SI)

While the Individual SI of Rs 5 lakhs is exclusively available for each member (not to be shared), the floater SI is available on a sharing basis and can be used jointly and severally by all the members.
Is Maternity benefit covered under Family Plus?
Maternity Expenses: For this benefit, atleast one adult member need to be covered in the policy at the time of first inception under the same Family Floater Policy. We pay Medical Expenses for the delivery of a child, only after 24 months of continuous coverage of mother since the inception of the first Policy with Us. The waiting Period of 24 months will start only after two adults are covered under the policy.

In case, customer is porting from any other policy providing maternity benefit, the respective waiting period served in that policy will be considered as waiting period waiver in Family Plus policy as per portability guideline. Maternity benefits are paid a maximum of Rs. 50,000 per delivery only for two deliveries for each female member covered during the lifetime of the Policy including any of its renewals. However, expenses in respect of harvesting and storage of stem cells are not covered.       Miscarriage will not be payable as a part of Maternity Benefit Claim.

Miscarriage can occur as a result of:  
  • Accident
  • Internal Injury/Sickness/stress
  If Miscarriage happens due to an internal injury/sickness/stress, it is not payable. However, it is payable when Miscarriage happens due to an accident.

New Born Baby: The new born baby will be covered as an insured person from birth. We will cover medical expenses towards the medical treatment of the Insured Person’s new born baby while the Insured Person is Hospitalized as an Inpatient for delivery and we have accepted the maternity claim as payable.  This benefit is equal to Individual Sum Insured of the mother. Post the expiry of the policy, new born need to be added as a separate member in the policy at the time of renewal.

Vaccination for New Born Baby: We will cover expenses for vaccination of the new born baby upto a limit of Rs. 10,000, if we have accepted the maternity claim as payable.  If the Policy Period ends before the New Born Baby has completed one year, then, We will only cover such vaccinations until the baby completes one year, provided that We have accepted the baby as an Insured Person at the time of renewal of the Policy. This benefit is over and above the maternity benefit.

For example: Let us say child birth date is January 2, 2018 and the policy expiry date is April 13, 2018 and vaccination expenses paid till April 13, 2018 is Rs. 3500. Hence, for the rest of the charges to be paid, new born needs to be enrolled at the time of the renewal as a separate member in the policy.  
Time interval

Vaccination to be done (age) #


Vaccination for first year

0-3 months BCG (From birth to 2 weeks) 1
OPV (0‚6‚10 weeks) OR OPV + IPV1 (6,10 weeks) 3 OR 4
DPT (6 & 10 week) 2
Hepatitis-B (0 & 6 week) 2
Hib (6 & 10 week) 2
3-6 months OPV (14 week) OR OPV + IPV2 1 OR 2
DPT (14 week) 1
Hepatitis-B (14 week) 1
Hib (14 week) 1
9 months Measles (+9 months) 1
12 months Chicken Pox(12 months) 1

Nutrition allowance for mother post discharge

a.     We will provide Nutrition allowance for mother post-delivery of the child.

b.    This benefit is available in the form a fixed benefit and maximum liability under this is Rs. 10,000 and it is payable after a period of 2 months from the date of discharge of mother after delivery of the child.

c.     This benefit is payable only if we accept the claim made under the Maternity Benefit. At the time of settlement of Maternity Claim, we shall issue a post-dated cheque of Rs. 10,000 towards Nutritional allowance.

What is Organ Donor expenses? What is the sublimit in Family Plus for organ donor?
Organ Donor Expenses covers the expenses incurred on the hospitalization of the organ donor. All inpatient care expenses related to organ donor are covered, provided:
  • He fulfils the Transplantation of Human Organs Act,1994 and other applicable laws.
  • The organ donated is used by the insured person.
  • A claim is filed for inpatient care by the insured.
However, any other expenses related to acquisition of donor, related pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, and treatment of associated medical complications will not be covered Organ Donor Expenses are covered upto Sum Insured
Please explain the Reload benefit in Family Plus?
If you ever exhaust your health cover due to claims in a given year and there is a further claim either by you for a different illness or your insured family member, we will reload the entire Individual sum insured of your policy at no extra cost. Reloaded sum insured will help you to settle those claims.

We will provide a Re-load equal to 100% of Individual Sum Insured of any one Insured Member. Re-load benefit will be applicable as under:


a) the Individual Sum Insured, No Claim Bonus (if any) and Floater Sum Insured  is exhausted as a result of previous claims in that Policy Year; AND

b) The Re-load Sum Insured shall be activated in following conditions:

  • Re-load can get activated for same Insured Member in the same Policy year for different illness/injury other than the illness/injury for which claim has already been paid in the current Policy year and/or;
  • Re-load can get activated for different Insured Member in the same Policy year
  • Re-load benefit once activated for any one of the Insured Member and can be used jointly or severally.
  • Re-load once activated for any one of the Insured Member will not get activated again for another Insured Member in the same Policy Year.

c) If the Re-load Sum Insured is not utilised in a Policy Year, it shall not be carried forward to any subsequent Policy Year.

What is covered in Pre & Post hospitalization expenses? What is the limit to which its covered ?
Pre Hospitalization covers the medical expenses incurred before hospitalization for Diagnostic Test, Medication, etc

Post Hospitalization covers the medical expenses incurred on follow up visit with doctor, medication, further investigative test, etc

Pre & Post Hospitalization expenses are covered upto Sum Insured
What is Vaccination for Animal byte in Family Plus? Will it cover byte by Honey bees ? are medicines & bandage covered under this for treatment ?
Vaccination in case of Animal Bite covers the expenses incurred by you upto a maximum of Rs. 5000 to take vaccination in OPD. For eg, in case of Dog Bite, Monkey bite, Honey bee bite,  you need to take vaccination at regular interval which is an OPD procedure.  Family Plus will cover the expenses incurred on vaccination upto Rs. 5,000.  This will be paid on reimbursement mode post submission of bills.

It does not cover the medicines, bandages or other expenses incurred while taking the vaccination.
Is Annual health checkup available in Family Plus? If Yes - what all test are covered ?
We will cover the cost of health check-up arranged by us through our empaneled service providers as per your plan eligibility defined below:

This benefit can be availed at each renewal.
Annual Health Check-up List of Medical Tests
Complete Blood Count, Urine Routine, ESR, Fasting Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile, Kidney Function Test,  ECG, Complete physical examination by Physician
Abbreviation of test is provided here:

ESR – Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate, ECG – Electrocardiogram, S Cholesterol – Serum Cholesterol, SGPT – Serum Glutamic Pyruvate Transaminase, TMT – Tread Mill Test

This benefit is available to those insured person who have attained the age of 18 years or above on the Policy Period Start Date.

This benefit is provided irrespective of any claim being made in the Policy Year. This benefit is over and above the Individual Sum Insured.
What is the coverage of ambulance in Family Plus? Does it cover the 'Hearse van' expenses, if the insured dies during treatment and hospitalization is otherwise payable?
We will cover the expense incurred on an ambulance offered by a hospital or ambulance service provider for transferring you to the nearest hospital provided we accept the inpatient care claim for the given hospitalization. It is covered up to Rs.4000 per event of hospitalization for every Insured member.

Expenses incurred on Hearse Van will be payable if inpatient claim is admissible.
What are Prosthetic Implants ? Are they covered in Family Plus?
Prosthetic Implants are artificial substitutes for body parts, and materials inserted into tissue for functional, cosmetic, or therapeutic purposes. Prostheses can be functional, as in the case of artificial arms and legs, or cosmetic, as in the case of an artificial eye. Implants, all surgically inserted or grafted into the body, tend to be used therapeutically.

These are covered in Family Plus.
What is 2 yrs waiting period for 17 diseases? what all diseases are not covered in this period ?
There are certain conditions for which customer can wait for treatment and does not need immediate medical treatment. Family Plus has 2 years waiting period for 17 conditions as mentioned below:
1.      Cataract

2.      Stones in biliary and urinary systems

3.      Hernia / Hydrocele

4.      Hysterectomy for any benign disorder

5.      Lumps / cysts / nodules / polyps / internal tumours

6.      Gastric and Duodenal Ulcers

7.      Surgery on tonsils / adenoids

8.      Osteoarthrosis / Arthritis / Gout / Rheumatism / Spondylosis / Spondylitis / Intervertebral Disc Prolapse

9.      Fissure / Fistula / Haemorrhoid

10.  Sinusitis / Deviated Nasal Septum / Tympanoplasty / Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media

11.  Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy

12.  Knee/Hip Joint replacement

13.  Dilatation and Curettage

14.  Varicose veins

15.  Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding / Fibroids / Prolapse Uterus / Endometriosis

16.  Diabetes and related complications

17.  Chronic Renal Failure or end stage Renal Failure
What is the difference between Pre-existing waiting periods & Initial waiting periods?
Initial Waiting Period is the cooling period applied at the start of new policy. This waiting period is not applicable for renewal policy or portability policy. Only Accidents are covered in the Initial Waiting period. Under Family Plus Policy, there is an Initial Waiting Period of 30 days.

Pre Existing Disease waiting period is the waiting period applied for any of the existing disease customer is suffering from. It will be for a period of 3 years in the Family Plus policy. With each policy year, the pre existing disease waiting period reduces by 1 year. Any claim related to pre existing disease hospitalization will not be covered in the policy during waiting period.
Does Family Plus price remain same throughout India?
Family Plus has an Innovative feature of Geographical pricing wherein customer in Non-Metros pay lesser premium as compared to premium paid by Metro customers.

Under the Family Plus Product, the Premium charged on the Policy will depend on the Sum Insured, Policy Tenure, Age, Policy Type, Zone of Cover and Optional Covers opted. Additionally the health status of the individual will also be considered and premium might be loaded depending on the health condition.

For the purpose of calculating premium, the country has been divided into 2 Zones.

Zone 1: Delhi/NCR, Mumbai (inc. Thane and Vashi), Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Gujarat.

Zone 2: Rest of India.

A discount of 15% for members in Zone 2 will be applicable. Grid as below:



Zone 1


Zone 2


      Note: Proposer address will be an only valid proof for availing benefit under zonal discount.
What is Hospital cash benefit in Family Plus? Is it optional or compulsory?
There are many out of pocket expenses like Cab charges, Attendant Food expenses, etc which are not covered under the normal Hospitalization policies. Hospital Cash pays a lump sum amount to cater to these miscellaneous expenses. We will pay for up to 30 days (Rs.2000/day) of hospitalization in a policy year if the stay of hospitalization is more than 2 days

It is an optional cover and customer can opt for the Hospital Cash benefit at the time of new purchase or renewal.
What is 2nd opinion in Critical illness in Family Plus?
If you are suffering from 11 critical illnesses as mentioned below and feel uncertain about your diagnosis or wish to get a second opinion of an expert/doctor, we arrange one for free of cost for you:

1.     Cancer of Specified Severity

2.     First Heart Attack of Specified Severity

3.     Open Chest CABG

4.     Open Heart Replacement or Repair of Heart Valves

5.     Coma of Specified Severity

6.     Kidney Failure requiring Regular Dialysis

7.     Stroke resulting in Permanent Symptoms

8.     Major Organ/Bone Marrow Transplant

9.     Permanent paralysis of Limbs

10.  Motor Neurone Disease with Permanent Symptoms

11.  Multiple Sclerosis with Persisting Symptoms
To avail this benefit, customer need to contact our Assistance Service Provider viz; M/s. Europ Assistance India Pvt. Ltd on contact no. 022 67872035. Service Provider will seek details viz; Policy no. of the customer, past medical reports etc. and after submission of all relevant details, second opinion will be arranged by Europ Assist within a period of 7 days from a Indian qualified Doctor.    

This benefit can be availed once by an Insured Person during a Policy Year and once during the lifetime of an Insured Person  for the same illness.

What is Domestic Evacuation benefit in Family Plus?
We will pay for transportation expenses from one Hospital bed to another Hospital bed in case of life threatening emergency condition for treatment of an Illness or Injury which is admissible and payable under the Policy. Our maximum liability will be limited to Rs. 1 Lakh and will be part of overall sum Insured;

This benefit can be availed once by an Insured Person during a Policy Year.

This benefit is on per Insured Person basis.
For example: While on a road travel, Insured Person meets with an Accident and he is admitted to nearest government hospital and looking at the emergency condition, hospital has advised him to transfer to some hospital in Jaipur. Europ Assist our service provider will arrange for an air ambulance alongwith a trained team of doctors. Royal Sundaram will pay a maximum of Rs. 1 lakh and balance amount will be required to be paid by immediate kin of the patient directly to Europ Assist.  
How much No Claim bonus will I get in Family Plus?
Family Plus offers 20% of Individual Sum Insured up to a max of 100%.

Unlike NCB offered by other policies, there is no penalty in case of claim. Thus NCB earned by you remains as is even if you claim.

For eg, if you have a policy with Individual SI of Rs.5lacs and there has been no claim in the first year, then at the time of renewal you will get a NCB of 20% (Rs.1lac). In second year, if you claimed then on second renewal your NCB of Rs.1lac will remain intact and it will not be reduced.

If there is a claim by any one member, then the NCB will not be given to any member in the renewal policy.

NCB will not be applicable on Floater Sum Insured.
Under what conditions medical tests/underwriting are triggered in Family Plus?
Family Plus is a medical underwritten product. This being a product offers guaranteed lifelong renewal needs to be medical underwritten at the time of first cover.

Triggers for Medical Underwriting:

 We will be having the 5 triggers basis which the case will be decided as STP or Non STP (which will flow into HUMS for further evaluation). The 5 triggers namely are –
  • Age – No medicals upto 50 years in Non Banca & upto 60 years in Banca
  • Cumulative Sum Insured (Individual Sum Insured + Floater Sum Insured) – Above 10 Lacs above for Non Banca and above 20 Lacs for Banca
  • BMI >33
  • Answer to any health questions as YES
  • Portability – All portability cases will be referred to medical underwriting

The case will flow into HUMS if it triggers one of the above criteria and will be evaluated by a medical doctor.
Suitable medical underwriting handles will be applied to mitigate the risk like
  • Copayment
  • Loading
  • Pre-existing disease
Post the case is referred to Medical Underwriting, Underwriters will ask the customers to undergo the medical tests. Medical tests will be arranged at the nearest center. In last three years, We have conducted tests at almost 35+ unique locations. Hence, we have large network of diagnostic centres for conducting medical tests.

Cost of medical tests will be borne by Royal Sundaram. Home visit can also be arranged for customers but the charges of Home visit will be paid by the customer. Approxi. Cost of home visit will be Rs. 250 and in case of more insured Person in the same house, max. cost of home visit will be Rs. 600.

  Two steps of Medical underwriting:
a.  Tele underwriting:

We have a team of qualified doctors who calls up customers on their respective contact numbers to know about material information about their medical history, any medicines etc. customers is taking.

Typically, calls to the customers are made between 9.00 am. To 6.00 pm. From Monday to Friday.

Under Family Plus Product, there will be multiple rounds of tele underwriting since it may not be possible for the proposer to possess medical information of all Insured Person(s). example: Son-in-law may not be aware of medicines taken by his mother-in-law.

  Post tele underwriting and performing medical tests, there could be counter offer sent to the customers with some loading or co-pay applied on specific 18 conditions listed hereunder.
Family Plus
1.Diabetes 10.Pancreatitis
2.Heart condition 11.Hyperthyroidism
3.Hypertension 12.Epilepsy
4.Malignant Cancer 13.Stroke
5.Rheumatoid Arthritis 14.Glaucoma
6.Chronic renal failure 15.Retinal Detachment
7.Peptic Ulcer Disease 16.Asthma
8.Ulcerative Colitis 17.COPD
9.Crohns Disease 18.Arthritis
Note: Co-pay is applied at Insured level and Loading is applied at policy level.

Please note that Royal Sundaram is really scientific in Medical underwriting and any Loading or copay are applied in the form of ICD codes known worldwide.

India being a country with big population of Chronic diseases patients and Family Plus is a product where we are able to offer cover to customers with chronic diseases by applying loading/copayment instead od straight away rejection of the proposal.


Grid & tests for Family Plus for Non Banca channels

Age/Sum Insured Cumulative SI upto Rs.10lacs Cumulative SI above Rs.10lacs
Upto 50 years No Check-up Set1/Set2
51 years and above Set 1/Set2 Set 1/Set2

The above grid is valid subject to no adverse declaration. If there is any adverse declaration then the case will move to medical uw in any case and subject to further medical tests.

The battery of tests will be selected from the 2 groups – Set1 or Set 2 depending on the doctors assessment post tele uw.

Cumulative sum insured is defined at individual level, which means that if customer opts for 2L individual and 5 L floater then the case will not move for uw as per above grid as at individual level the cumulative SI is <10L (subject to no adverse declaration to health questions). Once the Cumulative SI crosses 10L the case will move to medical uw bucket. If there are 4 members in the family it doesn’t mean that we add the total of all the individual sum insured and the floater to decide whether the case is STP or not. It has to be at individual level.

        Grid & tests for Family Plus for Banca channels

Age/Sum Insured Cumulative SI upto Rs.20lacs Cumulative SI above Rs.20lacs
Upto 60 years No Check-up Set1/Set2
61 years and above Set 1/Set2 Set 1/Set2

Set 1: CBC, ESR, URA, MER, FBS/HbA1C, S Cholesterol, ECG, SGPT, S Creatinine   Set 2: CBC, ESR, URA, MER, HbA1C, Lipid Profile, TMT or 2D Echo, LFT with GGT, RFT, HBsAg, S Creatinine
Can a Chronic Disease Patient be covered Family Plus?
Family Plus is a carefully medical underwritten product and have an option to cover Chronic disease patients post carrying out medical underwriting of the Proposal. Either co-pay or loading may be applied on the proposal post evaluation of the proposal. Family Plus can be offered to almost all major illnesses viz; Diabetes, Heart conditions, Hypertension, Chronic renal failure, Epilepsy, Stroke, Glaucoma, Asthma etc. 
I have my wife + 2 kids + my parents in laws and an aunt in my house, can you cover all of us in Family Plus?
We can cover all members, except your aunt in Family Plus.

Aunt can be covered under a separate Lifeline Policy on Individual basis.
Can I buy 2 yr or 3 yr policy in Family Plus? Will I not be a looser for such policies as I will block my money for 2/3 yrs ?
You can buy 2 years or 3 years policy in Family Plus. You get a discount of 7.5% for 2 year policy tenure and 12% for 3 year policy tenure.
If I have a National Insurance policy from a Bank for the last 4 yrs, will you Port me in to Family Plus?
Family Plus will support the external as well as internal portability. You can port your existing policy from National Insurance subject to our underwriting policy.
I am already having royal sundaram policy of 2 lakhs sum insured but it's an old policy for the last 5 yrs, if I have to buy Family Plus can I buy additionally or can I port from existing RS policy?
You can either buy a fresh policy of Family Plus or port the existing policy
Is there any requirement that my existing policy should be an individual or a floater policy, to be eligible to port?
No. There is no such restriction. The porting benefit will be given in Family Plus, up to your existing policy SI + Cumulative Bonus if any.
Is Ventilator treatment covered in Family Plus?
Ventilator treatment is covered if the person is not brain dead.
Are natural calamities like cyclone Vardah covered in Family Plus?
Any hospitalization due to these natural calamities like Vardah is covered
If I get admitted to a Suite in a Hospital will you pay me full?
Yes. There is no capping on room rent category and customer can choose from any of the room available in hospital
In Family Plus, what all expenses in a hospital not covered in the Policy?
Expenses which are not related to hospitalization are normally not covered. Please refer to policy document for details of exclusion.
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