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Things that should be covered in your Travel Insurance Policy

19 October, 2018

Travelling is a fun-filled experience. But, it can turn into a nightmare if not planned properly. Thus, one of the things you need to take care of before planning a journey is to buy a travel insurance plan as it protects you and your belongings against major unforeseen events or mishaps. Such a plan helps you to compensate for the financial losses caused during the trip. In fact, it is utmost important to add the best travel plan to your checklist while planning your holidays, be it business or leisure. You might think buying a travel plan is silly, buy it’s good to be safe than sorry.


Types of travel insurance policies



There are various plans offered under travel insurance policy –

  • Asia Trip Insurance
  • Student trip Insurance
  • Multi-trip Insurance
  • Leisure trip Insurance
  • Senior-citizen trip insurance


Whether you are going on a leisure or business trip, Royal Sundaram Travel Secure is a perfect ‘fit in’, maximum coverage for a variety of situations during your travel itinerary. Here’re the following things covered under their travel insurance policy. Read on –



  Cover Type


Loss of checked-in baggage

The insurance company will reimburse up to the limits specified in the policy in case the policyholder suffers total loss of checked in baggage under the custody of common carrier (Airlines) while travelling as a ticketed passenger.

Medical expenses and medical evacuation

Following conditions are covered under this section –

  1. Hospitalization expenses, OPD, local emergency medical transportation, medical practitioner’s charges, and medical services for any injury or illness sustained while overseas.
  2. Any expense due to pre-existing disease would not be covered under the policy

Accidental death and dismemberment

In case of death or disability arising due to an injury sustained during the trip and consequent (12 months), the policy will pay the limits specified in the policy. In the event of claim, the maximum liability of the company should not exceed 100% of the sum assured.

Loss of passport

In case the passport or visa belonging to the insured person is lost, the company will reimburse only the direct expenses incurred so as to obtain emergency travel documents like duplicate or new pass/visa.

Trip delay

This cover provides coverage for both inbound and outbound journey in India. The company will pay a lump sum amount, if the insured person’s trip is delayed for more than 6 hours due to any covered occurrence

Trip cancellation

Insurance company will reimburse the unused & non-refundable portion of the pre-paid lodging cost &/ the ticket cancellation charges if the trip is cancelled or insured person is not able to take the trip as per the policy terms & conditions

Repatriation of mortal remains

In case of death of the policyholder during the trip due to an injury or illness, the insurance company will compensate for transportation charges so as to return the mortal remains of the policyholder to India or local burial expenses in the travelling country where the death occurred

Hijacking benefit

A lump sum amount will be paid as per the limits specified in the policy for each 24 hours, if the policyholder is hijacked on the trip overseas or held captive for more than 12 hours.

Assistance services

The company provides assistance services like currency exchange rates, vaccinations, overview of country, weather etc….

Ambulance Charges

It covers ambulance charges from home to hospital by road and back in case of an accident or illness and then back to residence after being discharged

Loss of laptop

The company will cover the policyholder for loss due to theft

Missed departure/missed connections

The company will reimburse the amount if the policyholder misses the connecting flight atintermediate port due to delay beyond 12 hours from the actual schedule, caused due to equipment failure of the common flight, weather conditions, strike or other actions taken by the employees of the airline.

Delay of checked-in baggage

The company will reimburse up to a certain limit specified under this section in the policy for toiletries, emergency purchase of essential clothes, and medicines in the event if the policyholder suffers a delay of 6 hours from the scheduled time for the arrival of baggage that has been checked by the international outbound flight from India

Compassionate visit

When a person is hospitalized due to an accident or injury for more than 5 days and is advised by the doctors for special assistance from a family member immediately, then the company shall reimburse the cost of economy flight tickets incurred due to the immediate arrival of family member to the place of residence along with accommodation expenses (more than 200USD/day).

Personal liability

In the event of the policyholder becoming legally liable to a third party, the company will compensate the policyholder up to a certain limit. This is applicable if the incident occurs during the period of the policy.

Bail bond

The company will pay bail bond cost that the policyholder incurs as a result of inadvertent law breaking or false arrest during his/her travel abroad.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions sickness & accident

Coverage is towards medical expenses due to Pre-existing Condition in case of Life threatening unforeseen emergency subject to maximum Amount as provided in the schedule of benefits

Emergency cash advance

We will provide an assistance service when the Insured person requires emergency cash following incidents like theft/burglary of luggage/money or hold up whilst on a trip covered under policy. The service provider will coordinate with the insured person's family members in his country of residence to provide emergency cash advance to the insured person as per his requirement up to the limit specified (including service and delivery charges) in the policy schedule under this section.


Now when you know about the things covered under a travel insurance plan, it would be easier for you to pick the one that best suits your needs while travelling overseas. So, buy a travel insurance plan and leave behind all your worries so as to enjoy every minute of your trip. Have a safe and happy journey.