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5 Tips to Avoid Summer Injuries and Ailments

10 June, 2019

Who doesn't like getting out in the Sun now and then during summer? Everyone has their own way of cherishing the season. Some take vacations, while some like to visit their families. Warm weather has a way of bringing people out and enticing them to have some fun. It is that time of year when most tend to loosen up a little and just relax.


However, this season also can takes a turn for the worse. It can be the most exhaustive time of the year. Excessive heat can create a whole lot of problems for many. The summer season can quickly turn into a time when sweating it out won’t be just the only problem. Due to climatic change, every year, the summer season tends to get more exhausting and excruciating because of the scorching heat.


This comes as no surprise that due to its harshness; this season also becomes a host to many ailments. They can cause unnecessary complications in everyday life.


Here are some of the illnesses that excessive heat can cause-


  • Heat stroke

Heat stroke is probably the most common ailments that the summer heat brings with it. It is hyperthermia’s most extreme state.


  • Dehydration

Another ailment that goes neck-to-neck in claiming victims is dehydration. In fact, it might be more potent than heat stroke. It is caused by loss of fluids from the body.


  • Sunburn

It is a condition when parts of the body become swollen and red due to increased exposure to UV rays released by the Sun.


  • Rashes caused by heat

Itchiness can occur on body parts due to over sweating and sweat glands’ blockage. It is mostly found in people who tend to sweat excessively.


However, there are ways one can protect themselves from the worries of the summer, simply by following these five precautionary tips to avoid ailments caused by the heat.


  • Light and cool clothes

Wearing something that is not hard to carry can be of great help during the summer. Donning them can help in reducing the stress on the body and for a better circulation of air.


  • Stay hydrated

This one tip cannot be emphasized on enough. Summer heat causes bodies to lose heat. The best way to prevent it is by drinking a lot of water. Doctors recommend 2 litres of water every day.


  • Keep a sun lotion handy

Do not step out without protecting your body from the heat. Apply sunblock or sunscreen to find protection from harmful UV rays.


  • Reduce physically demanding activities

The more you put your body to test, the more it sweats and loses its energy. This may lead to dehydration, rash, and many other things that come with the heat.


  • Go for a check-up when needed

Many avoid going to the doctor because they do not think that the problems can cause a serious injury. Before that happens, make sure to pay a visit to the doctor, in case.


Sometimes, these injuries can run a serious bill. A hefty check may come into picture if something serious takes place. One good way to avoid that is by purchasing health insurance. This insurance can come in very handy in case of any mishap or accident during the summertime.


What everyone should look before buying a health insurance plan -


  • Check whether the claim process is quick enough or not. Settlement time and ratio are extremely important factors everyone should look at.
  • Make sure to see how many day-care procedures a policy is providing. The more, the better.
  • Check out how many hospitals are covered by the insurance policy.


Keep these points in mind for a relaxed and rejuvenating summer.