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Man gets life for wife's murder to claim insurance

03 November, 2011

The district and sessions court on Wednesday sentenced a man to life imprisonment for hatching a plot in which his wife of 17 years was murdered in cold blood so that he can claim her insurance.
The accused, identified as Sunil (44) from Kalyani Pura region, worked as a ward boy at the JLN Hospital in Ajmer and was in heavy debt. To repay the loans, he had planned the murder of his wife by hiring a killer. The court also convicted the killer to life imprisonment in the sensational murder case.
"Prosecution demanded stringent punishment for these killers who committed the crime in cold blood," public prosecutor Vivek Parasher said. He added that the crime was not only cold-blooded but heinous as it made three innocent children orphans.
"He purchased a property and took a huge loan. People who gave him the money started pressuring him to return the money," a police file on the case said. Sunil then talked to one of his known criminal friends, Laxman, and they planned the murder of his wife Seema.
After reaching an agreement with Laxman, Sunil went to the LIC office on November 18, 2009 and bought an insurance policy of Rs 2 lakh in the name of Seema with a sum assured of Rs 4 lakh in case she died prematurely.
On November 25, 2009, Sunil came back from work and took his three children Urvashi, Manish and Rekha to the hospital and left Seema alone in the house. "In the afternoon, Sunil took the three children to the JLN Hospital for an eye check-up and sent Laxman to his house to kill Seema," the case report said. When Laxman reached the house, Seema refused to open the door and he called up Sunil to inform his about the development.
"Sunil then called Seema and told her that the visitor is his friend and wanted to see the house. On her husband's assurance, Seema opened the door and Laxman went inside. Once inside, he strangulated her with a cloth," police said.
Police had no clue about the murderer and did not suspect Sunil as the couple was married for 17 years and had three children.
"Sunil had a perfect alibi and he had put up quite a show of his grief," police said.
"But we started having doubts on Sunil when he immediately went to claim the insurance money, prompting us to search the call details of Sunil and Seema. After that, everything fell into place and cornered Sunil," police added.