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Individual Personal Accident Policy (Accidental Death & Disablement only)

Personal Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance For Protection
against Accidents for just
Rs. 2 per day!

An Accident Insurance offers you the much needed financial security you want to give your family. Personal accident insurance does not stop with death benefits but also avail cover for other consequences like permanent total disability, permanent partial disability and temporary total disability. The amount not only helps you recover but manage your day to day life as well.


An accident can disrupt many plans you have for yourself and your loved one’s future. Our accident insurance plan offers you the financial stability that becomes essential in such cases. The sum insured offered by the accident insurance policy becomes a major support and can save you from the financial crisis.


Accidents can happen to anyone, anytime. It takes only seconds or minutes to happen, but may take away the savings of many years, as aftermaths of accidents can be severe. In such a scenario, don't stretch your savings. Get your life back on track, with the financial backing of Royal Sundaram Personal Accident Insurance.


Our Accident Insurance offers global cover of up to Rs. 75 Lakhs, protecting families from financial instability in case of disability or death of loved one due to an accident.


Who can be insured?

Any Indian resident who falls in the age group of 18 years to 65 years, can avail this Personal Accident Insurance Policy. You can also insure your dependent children between 5 years to 21 years.

Get a discount of 10% on total Premium on buying this policy online, for 3 or more family members.

Policy will cover :

1) Accidental Death

In the unfortunate event of death of the Insured person, the entire Sum Insured will be paid to the Insured person's nominee.We request you to ensure that you provide a nominee for every family member insured under Personal Accident Insurance.

2) Permanent Total Disablement

In the unfortunate event of permanent total disability of the Insured person, the entire Sum Insured will be paid to the Insured person.

3) Permanent Partial Disablement

In the unfortunate event of permanent partial disability of the Insured person, a certain percentage of  the Sum Insured will be paid to the Insured person. It is determined by the extent of loss. You can get more information about it in the Terms and Conditions page.

4) Temporary Total Disablement

Weekly benefit for accidents resulting in home confinement up-to 104 weeks (Weekly Income Benefit)

5) Accident Hospitalisation

Hospitalisation expenses due to Accident resulting in claim for Death/Disablement (Applicable only if proposer has opted for Sum Insured of Rs.20 lacs and above).

6) Education Grant

Special Free Benefit of Education Grant of Rs. 10000/-(@ Rs. 5000 per child) 

7) Transportation of Mortal Remains

In the unfortunate event of accidental death, we will pay the nominee a sum of up to Rs. 5000 towards transportation of the mortal remains to residence.

8) Tenure:  One Year 

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Questions about Personal Accident Insurance? Get your answers here!

What is an Individual Personal Accident Policy?
An insurance policy which, in return for regular premiums, pays a specific sum in the event of death, loss of sight or limbs or other permanent disablement due to an accident. This policy is not an indemnity policy, but a benefit policy. This implies that the promised sum insured will be paid in full in the event of the occurrence of the peril.
How is accident defined?
Accident means any sudden, unintended and fortuitous external and visible event, which might cause bodily injury or which leads to a physical disability or death.
Why do I need an accident policy?
Accidents don’t come scheduled. They happen anytime and anywhere. The personal accident policy cover a number of eventualities, including train and road accidents, plane crashes, and even a slip in the bathroom. In the event of happening the policy compensates to meet the expenses incurred during this period subject to maximum of sum insured.
What is the basis of determining the sum insured?
Occupation nature, income level and age are the main factors which play a vital role in determining the sum insured. The sum insured offered is generally the certain times of the annual income.
Can I cover my children and parents under personal accident policy?
Yes, Children are eligible for cover of 25% of Sum Insured opted by the proposer & Parents cannot be covered under the policy.
I have a health policy. Do I still need an accident policy?
Yes definitely, A personal accident insurance policy is an insurance contract that covers risk arising from accidents be it at home, or outside. An accident insurance policy compensates you with a lumpsum amount at the time of need to provide financial support during crisis arisen due to death/disablement of the insured. 
My spouse is a housewife .Can she be covered under personal accident policy?
Accidents can happen anywhere and at home too, hence she is eligible for cover of 50% of sum insured opted by the proposer. 
Do I need to buy individual policy for each of my family member or will one policy cover my entire family?
Family Package cover is available to Individuals under Personal Accident Policy whereby the proposer, spouse and dependent children can be covered under a single policy.
Is there any additional benefits from this policy?
This policy offers compensation in case of death or bodily injury to the insured person, directly and solely as a result of an accident, by external, visible and violent means. This personal accident insurance policy would compensate the insured person for loss of income in case of temporary or permanent disablement either of partial or total damage.
The sum insured will increase by 5% every year and not exceed beyond 25% at the time of renewal for every claim free year.
Can I nominate my child a minor to receive the benefit in case of any happening of the event?
Yes, in such case guardian of the nominee has to be provided.
Who determines the percentage of compensation in case of partial loss?
The amount of compensation for a partial loss depends on the extent of loss and it is clearly specified under the policy terms and conditions.
Is there any additional benefits provided by the policy?
An Educational Grant of Rs 10000 under the entire policy period is paid in case of death or permanent disablement either of the covered parents.

In the event of death of the insured due to an accident outside the residence, the insurance company will bear for the transportation of the mortal remains upto Rs 5000
Is there any income tax benefit for premium paid under Personal Accident insurance?
There is NO income tax benefit available against premium paid for Personal Accident insurance.
Is there any specific type of accidents which are excluded from purview of cover?
The following type of accidents are generally not covered
  • From intentional self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide
  • Whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs
  • Whilst engaging in sporting activities (aviation or ballooning for example)
  • Directly or indirectly caused by venereal disease or insanity
  • Childbirth or pregnancy related
  • War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities, civil war and many more

The above list is not exhaustive. Please refer to the policy wordings for complete list of Exclusions.
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