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Comparison of Health Policies – Family Plus and Lifeline

Posted by Royal Sundaram on 17 Aug 2018


Buying a health policy has now become a necessity for all of us. Health insurance policy is a type of insurance that provides the insured a facility to avail cashless hospitalization and also, provides reimbursement for the expenses incurred by an insured.. It is basically a contract between the insurer and the policyholder, wherein the insurance company pays for the medical expenses suffered by the policyholder.

There are multiple number of health insurance companies available in the market today with different features and benefits. But remember, health is wealth. And thus, no general insurance company understands this better than Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited, the first to be licensed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

And when it comes to health insurance policies, it is impressive just like their industry debut; especially their Family Plus and Lifeline policies. When you buy from Royal Sundaram, you compare health insurance plans. Read on to know which one fits your needs:


Family Plus Health Insurance:-

This is an insurance policy designed keeping the joint Indian family in mind. Smart and affordable, you can cover up to 19 different family relations in one policy.. Considering how most health insurance plans cover one individual and just the immediate family members, this is quite an innovation.

Note: Unlike a family floater, with this plan, each member gets an individual sum insured apart from the floater sum insured.

Individual Base Sum insured sees an increase of 20% each year, up to a maximum of 100% with NCB provided there are no claims in the previous year.

Here’re the few key benefits of owning a family plus health insurance:

  • * All day care procedures
  • * Second opinion for diagnosis and treatment of 11 specified critical illnesses.
  • * Vaccination in case of animal bites – up to INR 5,000/-
  • * Nutritional allowance for mother post discharge after delivery.
  • * 100% re-load in case sum insured and NCB is exhausted.
  • * Ambulance cover for up to Rs. 4,000 for every insured member, for every admittance.
  • * Maternity benefit cover
  • * It offers emergency domestic evacuation cover of up to Rs. 1 Lac.
  • * It provides several healthcare and wellness related services.

What’s not covered under family plus health insurance?

Here’re things that are not covered under family plus health insurance policy –

  • There are several diseases such as knee/hip replacement, cataract, benign prostatic hypertrophy, chronic renal failure/end stage renal failure, etc., that are not covered under the insurance for the first two years of taking the policy.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions that are mentioned in the policy and approved by the insurance company at the time of purchase will avail the cover only after 36 months of continuous policy coverage.
  • Moreover, there are several other things that are permanently excluded such as medical cover availed due to adventure or hazardous sports, addictive conditions and disorders, artificial life maintenance, ageing and puberty, any alternative treatment except of AYUSH, medical paper charges, congenital conditions, cosmetic surgery, hereditary conditions, OPD treatment, conflict and disaster, congenital conditions, sexually transmitted disease, speech disorders, sleep disorders, self-inflicted injuries, treatment for developmental problems, stem cell implantation, dental/oral treatment, drugs and dressing for OPD treatment, psychiatric and psychosomatic conditions, charges for medical papers, injury due to unlawful activity, unproven/experimental treatment, etc.


Lifeline Health Insurance:-

A crisp health insurance plan, Lifeline is just what you need for yourself as an individual health insurance plan or for your family in the form of a family floater plan.

This plan is offered in three forms: Classic, Supreme, and Elite.

  • * Lifeline Classic
  • * Lifeline Supreme
  • * Lifeline Elite

Sum insured offered under this plan are as follows –

  • * Classic: Rs. 2Lakhs, Rs. 3 Lakhs, and Rs. 4 Lakhs
  • * Supreme: Rs. 5 Lakhs, Rs. 10 Lakhs, Rs. 15 Lakhs, Rs20 lakhs and Rs. 50 Lakhs
  • * Elite: Rs. 25 Lakhs, Rs. 30 Lakhs, Rs. 50 Lakhs, Rs. 100 Lakhs, and Rs. 150 Lakhs

While the variants help you make a smarter decision, here are the benefits on offer.

  • * All day care procedures covered up to Sum Insured.
  • * Pre and Post hospitalization expenses (from 30 to 180 days)
  • * Ambulance cover up to INR 10, 000/-
  • * Organ donor expenses.
  • * Ayush Treatments

Who all can be covered under a lifeline health plan?

  • * A person whose age is more than 18 years can be covered under the policy.
  • * This policy covers the applicant, spouse and up to four dependent children.
  • * There’s no restriction for the entry age limit.

Key features of a lifeline health plan –

  • * There’s no upper age limit for your enrollment in the policy
  • * It provides maternity benefits, which includes cover for new born baby and vaccination for new born babies, under Elite Plan.
  • * It offers OPD treatment that covers the medical expenses incurred on diagnostic tests, doctor’s consultation, medicines, etc, under Elite Plan.
  • * Regular health check-ups for insured members.
  • * Domestic evacuation in case of emergencies, under Supreme and Elite plans.
  • * All day care procedures are covered under it
  • * It offers cashless hospitalization across 3500+ network hospitals in India.
  • * Hassle-free claim settlement process
  • * It offers hospital cash benefits in order to take care of your expenses during hospitalization
  • * Health and wellness services
  • * It’s not just limited to Allopathic treatment; you can also undergo treatment for Homeopathy and Ayurveda in case of hospitalization.
  • * You don’t have to worry about the emergency hospitalization during your business or leisure trip, under the Elite Plan.
  • * You get the benefit to avail best healthcare facilities with no capping in terms of sub limits and room rents.
  • * It offers top-up plans to enhance your coverage, under Classic and Supreme plans.
  • * One sum insured covers all your family members.
  • * Last but not the least, it reloads the sum insured. For example, if you the insured has used the entire sum insured, then it can easily be reloaded at no fees and can be used for different medical issues.

As you can see, when you compare health insurance, each stands mighty in its own terms. Go for Family Plus in case you have a joint family and with Lifeline if you are looking for an individual plan.


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