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5 Indoor Plants That Can Improve Health

10 June, 2019

We live in homes which do not give us an opportunity to get in touch with nature. Normally there is not nature's sight to behold or to just breathe in some fresh air. This has led to people moving to the best substitute. Today, many are interested in indoor gardening to lead a healthier life. People interested in indoor gardening usually look for plants that look good and how easy it is to maintain them.


However, there is more to indoor plants than just them looking good in a balcony. It was found that plants help improve the condition of air by reducing the effect of pollutants and increasing the quality of oxygen. They purify the air by lowering the levels of airborne bacteria microbes.


With their importance in mind, here are five indoor plants that can improve health:


  • Aloe Vera

Many must have seen ads which sell medical ointments which contain aloe vera. Although it is not medically proven, many believe aloe vera has healing properties. The gel-like material oozing out of the leaves can be applied to the skin, which is affected. People frequently use it to treat sunburn, cuts, psoriasis, and burns. Easy way to maintain an aloe vera plant is by deeply watering it and keeping it under indirect sunlight.


  • Spider Plant

Normally, the solvents and resins in building materials of homes release pollutants like formaldehyde. The prolonged exposure to this chemical compound can lead to irritation of lungs, throat, and eyes. It was discovered that spider plant could reduce the quantity of formaldehyde found in homes. Besides, this fountain-shaped, white-striped plant also looks perfect hanging in the balcony.


  • Lavender

Many spas, healthcare treatment workplaces, soaps, candles, and skin care creams use lavender for one specific reason, that is it reduces stress and elevates mood by its pleasant and gentle aroma. A lavender plant can be placed in your hall where even a small breath of it can relax the mind, or it can be kept in the bedroom where it will help in inducing a good night sleep. Lavender plants grow best in well-drained soil and under bright sunlight.


  • Holy Basil

One of the most commonly found plants in homes, Holy Basil or Tulsi is known for its medicinal abilities. There are many benefits of keeping of Holy Basil at home as it helps in reducing stress, it keeps mosquitoes at bay, it purifies the air and keeps it fresh, the plant helps in fighting certain diseases like cold and cough, and fights viral and bacterial infections. The best way of maintaining a Holy Basil plant is by watering it regularly and letting it receive ample sunlight.


  • Snake Plant

Like Lavender, Snake plant too is known for its mood-elevating qualities. The plant also improves air quality. Snake plants tend to remove toxins like toluene, trichloroethylene, and xylene from the air. At night, Snake plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, improving the quality of air. Snake plants are also very easy to maintain because they do not need much water and can be kept under indirect sunlight.


It is great that people are equipping themselves with natural solutions to deal with issues like pollution, stress, and diseases. It is cheap and convenient to grow and maintain these plants. However, taking things one step further, a person should also be careful about what happens when disease strikes them. They might need all the help that they can get, whether it be emotional or financial. One can always look towards the family for emotional support, but for financial security one needs to have a health insurance package. Dealing with medical bills is not cheap, and one can find an easy solution in affordable health insurance. Buying health insurance may not even have to be expensive. One can simply invest a set amount every month and stay assured when the time comes.